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Pull Up Bar Question

This is my first post by the way.

But anyhow…my pull/chin up bar consists of a bar that I placed on top of my attic entrance. So when I grip the bar it will roll slighlty causing my wrists to be slighlty bent back when doing pull/chin ups.

Does this really not affect anything, or isn’t bad for performance, technique, or something?


I’d fix your bar so it won’t roll or move before you fall and hurt yourself.

Don’t use that bar!

You don’t want your wrists sliding all over the place for two reasons:

  1. You will not get as many reps, thus making your training seem unrewarding.

  2. There is always pressure on the wrissts to attempt to stabalize the movement. If the wrists are already slipping around you might be in for an injury.

Invest in a quality Chin-up bar there are several on the market. You can even get a free standing unit if you have the money.

I would even suggest a low tree branch which is stable before I would use that bar which you have written about.

speaking of pullup bar moments…

today I went to do a chinup on my homemade pullup bar (which is a pipe layed across 2 2x4s which hang off the side of my deck). Since I was a complete dumbass and only used 1 nail on each 2x4 to hold it down, well it finally happened today. The nail pulled out of the deck and I dropped like rock. Too bad I didn’t get videotape of it, funny stuff. I also tore off a caluse on one hand.

Tomorrow I anchor the 2x4s with BOLTS.