Pull-Up Bar for the Home

Does anyone know where I can get a safe pull up bar hangs in a doorway frame?

Hardware store sells everything you need.
Most of the “easy-to-install” doorway gimmicks I’ve come across are cheaply made and certainly not designed for a large man, but then again neither were doorjambs!
IMO, make your own. If you don’t have the skills to construct it, well, you should probably learn.


I don’t know how sturdy it is, but then, 180lbs isn’t all that heavy.

New York barbell. $29.95 and they pay the freight. It holds my 200 lb fat ass.

I have one from Champs sports. Removable with various grips. Has always worked great. Will hold 200-250 pounds as long as your door jam can handle the weight!

I also paid $30 for mine. I’ve had it for a long time and love it. I’m not using it now since I have a power rack with a chin bar, but for vacations and such, it’s easy to take along and use.

i got that one from champs too. stable. lots of hand positions. doesn’t go as wide as i’d like but no big deal. been using it 3 years now. my friend has one too but he has wider door frames than me so he popped a couple nails in just in case.

I built mine out of black gas pipe from the hardware store. If I was back home on the farm I would have welded it, but you do what ya can with what ya got. I think it cost me about 50 bucks. It’s kind of short, so I do all my pull ups on it with a slight bend of the knees, which I don’t find to disagreeable. I have no idea how much it will hold, but I’m about 230 and it holds me with ease. It does sway slightly, so reps have to be controlled and purposeful.

Here’s a pretty terrible picture. If anyone is more interested, I can post more pics/instructions.


I’ve just got one of those cheap doorway pull up bars which you twist to increase the length. Cost me about $10 and i have no problems with it, i weigh 205lbs.