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Pull-Up Bar Alternative?


I prefer to workout at home, I have most of what I need, however because of the way my condo is built I can't mount a pull-up bar anywhere. I am thinking of using resistance bands however I am not sure if its a good idea to put them against the door hinge or handle.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


You live near a park?

Alternatively: Standalone pull-up bar.. just keep it outside.


Check Craigslist for a free-standing chin/dip station.


Thanks for the suggestion, I've never bought one before, is there anything I should look for or a particular brand? Also do they make ones that assemble/disable easily because I do have limited space and don't want a new piece of furniture if I can avoid it


Tree branch my friend... you do have trees around you, don't you?


Branches'll toughen up your skin and help your grip too. Plus, they make you feel like a chimp.

Also if you're good with tools at all I'm sure you'd have no trouble making something with some 2x4's and a tool handle from lowes.


Although its not really realistic to do these all the time, an added benefit of doing chins on tree limps is they have a little "give," so they help those who aren't great at the exercise and help progression.


Dip/Chin station is best. What about one of those ones that mount in the door way? I've never used one before, but they're cheap and don't take up much space.


If the "iron gym" fits in one of your doorways (most likely does), get one asap. Theyre cheap and theyre the shit.


Idk though, Chuck Liddell uses the the JackRack. It's probably better.