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Pull-up and Chin-up Routine

Just for grins I concocted a pull up and chin routine to challenge myself.
I do 5 slow up/slow down pull ups rest 1 minute (timed) then do 5 chin ups slow up/slow down.
I then rest 1 minute 30 seconds and start over. I do this until, I have completed 60 reps.
Since I am 66 I feel this helps keep my muscles from losing mass from age related declines.

Great Job

google – Fighter pullup from Pavel.

Best way to increase pullups and get stronger at them.


Thanks for the tip! I love it! will definitely try it out.

I am starting to do Rippetoe’s basic strength building program using barbells. He has you do 3 x sets of pulls to max.
I did 3 sets yesterday at 8 reps each. I go up slow and go down slow. Pavel’s program looks good too.
My goal is 3 sets of 12-15 with a 5 minute break in between. I am 66.

Pavel’s program looks great and I can just it scale it for added weight chins/pulls.

I’ve also have had a lot of success doing 55+ pullups a day. I went half my max effort, for instance if you can do 10 reps then you train with 5 reps, until I hit at least 55 reps. If I missed a few days then I would go at least 75 reps.