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Do you guys do these for lower reps (3-5)? Or higher reps (8-10)?


hI've always done them with igher reps and quickley. But, now that you have me thinking about it, I'm going to throw in some low rep sets for the next couple of months and see what happens.


Higher reps, I tend to fuck up the form on lower reps. Course I can't do low rep good mornings for the same reason...


Does anybody know of a substitute for this exercise? Any help would be appreciated.


Since i dont train @ Westside BB, i can never find a stack with heavy enough weight that ALSO has adjustable slide thing to attach a handle too. Normally the stack of a cable crossover machine never is enough. I also tried to attach 45# plates, but they were too big. So i normally end up doing mine in the 15+ rep range as my last movement, once everything else is fatigued.

what equipment do you use for pull throughs?


If you do them too heavy you'll exceed the limit of the friction between your feet and the floor. You're feet wiil slip and you'll do an embarassing face plant.

Not that I've done that or anything :frowning:


It's my beliefe that this is more of a Functional movment...with the focus on the contraction.

Go Pokes


You can do them with a sled. You just have to walk forward after each pull.


The sled does work really well for pullthroughs because the friction between your feet and the ground is much higher.

You don't need a special attachment for them, I just use the rope on the low pulley and it works like a charm.

I also do them for higher reps as this is really an assistance exercise.


You can also use the D handles (it's the attachedment with the rope running through a 4-6 inch rod), but it kinda hurts.


I have been training in WSSB/WSSB2 format for a while. I always work my pull-through with 4-5 sets of 10-15 reps on my leg ME day, as Joe Defranco prescribed.

For the exercise I use low cable with rope attachment. I am starting to out-work the whole stack of weight at the pulley (66kg) in 4 sets of 15. I think I will talk to the manager and see if I can stack a dumbbell on top the of weight stack.

Geek boy


I think pull-throughs are substantially similar (if not identical) to using a "core-blaster", which is easy to make.

Basically, you go down to your local Home Depot or Lowe's and
pick out a 3/4 inch diameter flange that
is a foot long. Then, a t-joint plus two
more flanges each about 6 inches long.
Finally, get a footer, to make the
base of the core blaster.

Attach the t-joint and the
footer to opposite ends of the longer
flange. Then, screw the two smaller
flanges into the two ends of the t-joint
for the handle. Then, just slide 3/4 inch weights down the large flange. (Thanks to Dan John and his website for the details).

Works like a charm.


try swings with db or kb, also pull throughs with bands are a great option and really easy to get the tension you need by using the good band and u can attached it everywhere.