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Pull Throughs

Can any one give a breif description of these,


Hi Jamie. This is my first post but I can tell you how I do them. First of all this is great for pumping blood in your lower back. I use the low pully on a selectorized weight stack. I also use a very close grip handle so my palms are almost facing. (the one I use is custom made). I back in to the machine and bend down and reach back between my legs, grab the handle and walk forward about 4 feet from the stack. (I am 6’5") My feet are 35-40" apart. I then squat not quite parallel and reach as far back between my legs as possible. Then in one motion, I stand up straight pulling the handles up to in front of my crotch. keep your shoulders pulled back and your head up. I flex my glutes and lower back in the up pos.
I hope this will help

Im sure the search engine can.

Didn’t you ask this same question yesterday? Someone gave you a link to a photo and instructions.

Go to www.elitefts.com and under the article by Louie Simmons “training for the back” there is a brief description on how to do the pull-through along with other great excercises. HTH

I don’t know. Maybe type “pull throughs” into the search engine. Yes, it’s a crazy idea.

Sorry Im new to this I didnt think my first post went through as I couldnt see it. Thanks for the help though Ill remember for next time.