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Pull Throughs: Heavy or High Rep?


Currently there is a new rec center being built for my school but the one they are letting us use now is in another building where they won't allow deadlifting, cleans or any powerlifting they said. There is also no squat rack. So the best thing i could think of is pull throughs but I always thought of this as a supplemental exercise and was wondering if they should be done heavy or with more reps per set?


More reps per set. In my experience, you can only go so heavy because once the weight of the stack gets much more than your bodyweight, you start to get pulled off balance. I like to go 10-20 reps per set, fairly slow and strict. However, others who are stronger may have a different opinion.


Is it possible to find another place to train?


My suggestion would be to urinate on their front desk, then find a new place.


I can't do heavy with pull-throughs. I can't even get heavy enough to hit the proper "hypertrophy" range (8-10 reps), so I need it low and do a high volume. The problem with being 150lbs and Asian. :frowning:




Yea not having a squat rack is bullshit. Not being able to deadlift is bullshit.

If you're not allowed to "powerlift" does that mean they also don't allow benching?

Rhetorical question, I'm sure they're all for benching and curls.

That is some bs though, if you have anywhere else you can go that would actually allow you to train, go there.

As for your question though, I like pull-throughs in the 12-15 rep range. I was doing them after deads for 4-5 sets for a couple months and would say they really helped. It's just so happened that lately on deads days I've really only had time to hit deads, abs, then go home, but they're a good "staple" movement imo. They get some funny looks, but what the hell


I usually do 3x10 as an accessory to my workouts. I go just heavy enough so that if I lean back too far I screw up. If that makes ANY sense at all.


12 - 20 rep range works best fore me.


10-15 with good form. you really cant go to heavy without being thrown off balance after to start getting up to your own body weight.


thanks all, i'm only training there right now because it is free and the new gym for my school will be opening at the end of july or early august full with power racks and platforms when it is completed


i lol'd


GTFO out of here with that crap man. The last line, that is.

Besides myself being Asian (Filipino) taking offense to that ignorant comment my lifting buddy who "appears" to be your sterotypical Chinese skinny geek looking dude (who weighs approx. 165 lb, more or less) consistently does 315+ on bench & a few years ago pulled 400+ in a DL competition.

Keep lifting & get rid of the excuses. Some of the strongest guys I currently lift with are of varied Asian backgrounds. It's not your ethnicity holding you back, it's your mindset.

Sorry for the thread hijack but I just had to get that off my chest.

To the OP; 1) pullthroughs are mostly a supplemental exercise as you are limited by the cable stack weight, & 2) find a new gym (Pissing on the desk before you leave is optional BUT a good idea as well)


urinating on the desk is mandatory..come on!


Dude, find a new place to train.


On this subject, I was in the gym a few years ago, and there was this little Asian dude in there. He coudln't have been 135 lbs. soaking wet. He sets up on bench, and starts loading up plates. He loaded up close to 400 lbs or so. At this point, everyone in the place had stopped what they were doing, and waited to see the guy get stapled. Nope. About 6 clean reps. Jaws dropped. One of the best strength/bodyweght feats I've seen. This thread may now return to its regularly scheduled programming. Pull-throughs rock.