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Pull the Bar Upwards


hey guys, so im new to oly lifting...my problem is that i end up pulling the weight away from my body...and everyone is telling me to pull the weight up close to my body, but i know that the answer is not simply performing and up right row with some hip drive to pull it up.so how can this be done.

Pic on left is what i am doing(sorry for poorly drawn picture)


It's something you would have to consciously learn and do...........a shortcut to it is curl your wrists inward and keep em curled.....deadlift the bar and use speed to simply upright row the weight as high as you can and once you get to that point dip under it as fast as you can......catch it above your head....pause stabilize yourself and overhead squat...

If you practice power jerks consistently you won't dip much and there will be no pause.


are you bouncing the bar off your upper thighs/hips?


Here: http://www.californiastrength.com/olwete.html


Point your elbows to the sides, think about trying to curl your wrists inwards, and don't fuck the bar so hard.


Yes im hitting it with hips


well like Jonty said, don't fuck the bar so hard. if the bar is getting away from your body from knee to mid/upper-thigh, but then you still slam it into your hips... well there is going to be an equal and opposite reaction, and the bar will fling out up and in front. Some videos would be nice.


i will try to record....are the pulls supposed to be as if jumping upwards? or something like throwing something over head..(as regerds to hips)


sort of. you don't actually want to jump, you just want to get your hips into full extension while the heels are still down. there should be a slight bend at the knees at this point, so the knees are near full knee extension, but not quite. at this point, get the fuck down under the bar.