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Pull My Finger, Bitch


Yeah yeah yeah, another deadlift race thread.

Leader Board:

Ground rules
1) Straps are fine, sinner
2) Don't be an asshole with form, stand up without excessive humping, put it down
3) All ball busting, while hopefully plentiful, needs to stay light hearted
4) Fuck weight classes, first to 600lbs has the biggest balls, end of story
5) Vids of starting point prefered, vids of 600+ required for credit
6) Conventional, sumo, we don't give a shit
7) Chalk, belt are a go, suits and crazy space gear, no
8) Anyone can douglas, just don't be a dickhead
9) Convert your weights to lbs, please jesus cater to my lazy ass
10) Ten is a good round number of rules, don't ya think

1) Biglifter - as of 10/15/11 - Starting weight 530
2) BradTGIF - as of 10/15/11 - Starting weight ...
3) Hercules-Rocks - as of 10/15/11 - starting weight 515
4) Countingbeans - as of 10/15/11 - starting weight 500
5) Prof - as of 10/15/11 - starting weight 485
6) mmatt - as of 10/15/11 - starting weight 550
7) BugeishaAD - as of 10/15/11 - starting weight ...
8) NYNY2424 - as of 10/15/11 - starting weight 430
9) Heavytriple - as of 10/15/11 - starting weight 555
10 EndersDrift2 - as of 10/15/11 - starting weight 475
11 Xdsho - as of 10/15/11 - staring weight 520
12 Achilles of war - as of 10/15/11 - starting weight 550
13 deat - as of 10/15/11 - starting weight 445
14 DoveofWar08 - as of 10/15/11 - starting weight 550
15 Adam-F - as of 10/15/11 - starting weight 505
16 Ashylarryku - as of 10/18/11 - starting weight 500
17 VTballa34 - as of 10/19/11 - starting weight 545
18 Kalle - as of 10/19/11 - starting weight 565
19 grettiron - hit 600 two days after entering, name withdrawn, good work man.

Best of luck ladies.


Best of luck to all, though luck really has nothing to do with it. Anyway, go get 'em. You better bust ass, Beans. Once that baby arrives you'll relive the days of getting all happy once 315 goes up. I'm 9 days out from a meet, so my heavy pulling is done until about Nov 1. Game on after that. Let's see some big pulls on here.


Ugh, fuck we're really doing this.

Right on.


Can I through my hat in the ring? I don't have a vid of me pulling 550, but that's my best so far. I think there's enough videos of me pulling similar weights that 550 should be believed.


I'd like to throw my hat in the ring. Gonna be focusing on pulling once I move up to Boston, and a 600 pull would be sweet.

Plus the title of this log is sweet.


I'll add you guys in tonight.

Bug, where in boston? Seeing as you will live near me you will be required to lift with me at least once.


Such an angry title. You boys need to let the love flow. Then the six hundy will come.


You one rep punks need to learn the ways of Hany Rambod. Accept him as your king.


I'll be working in Back Bay, living in Fenway. Whoopwhoop. Where are you at?


Very interesting....


can i get in on this? granted it might be SLIGHTLY aggressive but heck... aim high no?

NYNY- as of 10/15/11 - starting weight 430


Video in my lng of 555...I'm in.


I'm gonna let my love flow all over these bastards when I pwn the shit out of em...

About 35-40 mins north on 128, but work 10 mins from there

What is your starting weight?

mmatt - I'll add you tonight too, you look like you lift, so I'll take your word on 550.


Hey just a thought. For those of us following along it would be awesome to read about the contenders deadlift program as they go along. It could be a great training tool for us lowly 400+ pullers.

Also I didn't see if you specified a type of bar. Would trap bar deads count for the leader board?

Good luck to all I think this is gonna be pretty awesome!



Beansy...so the race is to 600? No time limitation just whoever videos it first?


You are about the only one I have a chance of beating right now, so hell yeah, I'll add you tonight too

Will add

I was going to talk about my appraoch after I test my max... I believe biglifter was gong to do the same, but at least expressed your thoughts as well

Yeah to 600. I was just planning on putting people's start date, weight and list them in order of finish. So if some dude jumping in 3 months from now with a 585 pull and gets it first, it will show that.

I figured that way, people can also be proud of making huge strides even if they don't "win"


Beans - good to know.

Not exactly sure.. Haven't pulled anything resembling "heavy" off the floor in a very long time. Guessing in the low 5's as of current. Reworking my DL form is gonna set me back before shooting forward, but I'm still game!


So hip, the leader board will look something like this:

1) JohnBigPull - 50lbs/9% increase finished in 22 weeks
2) Sallyhot pants - 95lbs/23% increase finished in 62 weeks

etc etc etc


A couple items to add:

To get on the leader board, and (hopefully) move up it a vid has to be posted. No exceptions. And shit from two years ago don't count.

The above post about if the trap bar counts, it doesn't. Put on straps, belt, rub Vagisil on your glutes, snort ammonia mixed with crack, whatever. But, a trap bar deadlift is too much of a variation. Gotta draw the line on that one. Standard Oly bar is acceptable. Use a fat bar, if your balls are forged from brass.


Everyone should be added at this point, let me know if I missed someone or have the wrong info anywhere

Strong pull man, beats mode. Just notice the last part of rule #2. Dropping from your waist won't count. Gotta at least guide it down, lol.

Not ball busting, just making sure you noticed so you don't F yourself