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When was the last time you puked during or right after your workout? Better yet, if you have been training for a while, what is your best puke/workout story?

The only time I puked after anything was about 20 min after a firefighter physical test. I think it had more to do with the shitty creatine I had to get spur of the moment, cause they were out of the stuff I knew worked with my tummy.

I have plenty of stories of guys ralphing during basic and fire academy. The drill SGT’s in basic would always tell the fat asses they would work that extra food they slipped back out of them. Most the time it was so fresh, it wasn’t even digested yet.

On the same note we had a patient last night that I was suctioning. And of course I was right by his mouth when it all came up. As soon as that smell came out I almost lost the big ass 2 pouund burrito I just had for dinner. I saved it though and had no problem the rest of the ride.

The medic I was with told me a story about one of his partners. He was reaching across a patient to grab something and was talking and right as his mouth was above the patient, she spewed about two feet right into his mouth!! I bet he had that taste in his mouth for days.


I puke every once in a while. It’s always from squatting or running. One time I was doing 20 sets of 2 on dynamic box squats and somewhere around set fifteen I racked the weight after my set, and realized my mouth was filled with puke, and was starting to dribble out and run down my chin. I walked over to the trash can and spit it all out, trying not to heave any more. There was couple of guys watching me, who think I’m always on steroids, (I’m not), and one of them started to puke himself. HAHAHA

Anyway, I didn’t do any more sets cause I figured I’d got the intended conditioning effect as it was.


Not since wrestling practice in high school

Recently…a few days before I found out I had my guts sticking through an abdominal hernia.

The best puking…as a senior 400m runner in high school. Our coach was a sadist and former all american in the 400. Our workouts were insane, mile to 3 mile warmup, mile to 3 mile cooldown, hills every friday and sandwhiched between the warm up and cooldown looked something like this:
~8x400 90% or
~16x200 90% or
~50 to 600 85% ladder up and down or
~10 x 100 95%, 20 pushups in between each sprint, no rest…
not to mention drills, plyos, relay work, weights twice a week…we learned to eat early in the day and light food.

But it made us the best 4x4 the district had seen in a long time.

Sure thing,

Heavy leg day, just finnished doing squats, started feeling nauseous, then somebody dropped a dank protien-drink-egg-and-dead-gerbil fart which in turn sent me to the trash can…

That was about 4 years ago I suppose…


Never have, not from a work out anyway. I figure any gain I might make in additional stimulus is going to be offset by blowing my last meal into a garbage can.

I’ve seen spots dancing in the air, gotten lightheaded and had to lie down, etc. but never puked.

Once I had an esophageal tear and bled a shitload into my stomach. I didn’t even feel queasy even though I bled enough to lose consciousness. I’m glad I skipped my squat workout that day BTW. It was clear that I was bleeding internally but since I didn’t puke or feel queasy they thought the bleed was below the stomach. They ran an NG tube and got blood. They’d never seen anyone with that much blood in the stomach and not puke before. So don’t blame me for not puking on a squat workout please. It might not be my fault…:slight_smile:

a week ago after i humped a skank.

gets me everytime.

I have been training for around 15 years and have probably puked about ten times. My favorite one happened at the end of leg day of course. I got that wonderful feeling and ran to the closest trash can. Turns out there were three women around the trash can. They were all around 60 years old. I proceeded to regurgitate my last 1.5 liter of water, gave them a big smile, and left. Their faces will make me laugh until the day I die.Train hard.

Oh yeah, P-DOG, nice.

if you have never puked after training you are just missing out… oh i remember the days…

i never puked after any type of lifting, but i puke about 1-2 times a month during hockey practices

Used to feel it all the time during brutal leg workouts. That was about 7-8 years ago.
Actually last time I did was about 8 years ago doing preacher curls on a machine. Yeah, i know that sounds fucked up but I was trying those 1 arm curls like Dorian did and was going for 4-5 reps max. Put everything into that last rep and soon blew my guts out in the bathroom.
Weird huh?