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Puking Squats

I have been squating for a couple of years now, but every time I increase the reps (more than 8)and decrease the rest period(less than 2 minutes)I end up feeling extremely sick (headache and dam near puking). I dont believe my cardiovascular endurance is very good, so could this be the reason for it? Oh yeah, its usually on my 3rd or 4th set of 4 that I start to feel ill. Can I do anything about it or do I just have to put up with it??

It does sound like your endurance is a bit low, but far be it for me to judge your conditioning. I would recommend dropping your weight and start working on reps. It will be gruelling for sure but at a lower weight it should be more tolerable. I worked on my endurance and stamina by working up to 25 reps at 135 for four sets, 60 seconds apart. I know that isn’t much weight but if you couple it with good form I think you will find it quite sufficient. Don’t worry about getting up to 25 right off the bat. Start with smaller goals and work your reps up. Start increasing your loads once you start achieving your reps. Hope this helps. Oh, by the way, you should experience the pump of a lifetime as I did. I can hardly walk when through with a good honest high rep workout.

How’s your pre-workout meal? Too much slow digesting protein like meat can cause nausea during tough workouts.