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Puking On Leg Days

Two unrelated issues, but ones that have been causing me a good deal of trouble.

First off, my leg days consist mostly of squats. I make sure I do all of my workouts on an empty stomach, the first thing in the morning. I tend to do 6-8 reps, high weight on the rack, and about half of the days I do legs, I feel very light headed and loopy.

At this point I have a choice- I can stop for 20-30 minutes (I must go to work soon and I do not like stopping), or I can continue, at which point I end up puking up the water I have been drinking in the bathroom. Once I am done in the bathroom, I feel a lot better and I can finish my workout. I never feel lightheaded when I exercise any of my other muscles. I had a similar problem when I was a competitive rower for 6 years.

Since power comes from the legs, I would puke my guts out whenever I would race or practice. Gross but true and also very unpleasant. Anyone have any theories why my legs are exercised vigorously, I tend to hurl?

Secondly there is a pain in my forearm, which I believe I acquired from preacher curls. It’s not the bone, it could be a tendon 3/4 up the forearm wrapping around the ulna. I cannot do any bicep exercises with my forearms supinated, and I can do hammer curls compromising a fair amount of weight. Some people suggested tendonitis, others… weak forearms. How long would you recommend that I take off, and what should I do instead so that my right bicep does not turn to garbage?

You really train legs on an empty stomach in the morning and you wonder why you don’t feel good ?

Have you expierenced light headed-ness if you eat before you workout?

I would have to eat probably 3 hours before a workout. 3 hours without eating makes me one hungry bastard. I don’t eat before a workout, because I prefer puking water to puking steak or peanut butter or whatever I happen to be stuffing my self with.

Doing squats causes a great deal of blood to be transported to the legs, maybe at the expense of the GI tract… um could that have anything to do with it?

my mistake

So you have tried eating within an hour or two of your workout, and you still vomit? Or are you just speculating that that would happen?

I’ve puked a couple of times, but yeah, it was from not eating, or eating just before I worked out. If you’re gonna eat before a workout, make sure you give yourself 45 minutes to an hour.

You should really read everything this site has to offer. You will realize you should never do anything without eating breakfast first. I know what you mean by time not being on your side. I get up, then I like to get to the gym as fast as possible because I have to go to work right afterwards. So what I do is I just eat 1/3 of a cup of oatmeal and a small steak. Small enough that my stomach isn’t full and a lot digested by the time I get to the gym.

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the more your puke the more your body will be used to it, toughen up and force yourself not to puke to build your stomach strength.

[quote]shizen wrote:
the more your puke the more your body will be used to it, toughen up and force yourself not to puke to build your stomach strength. [/quote]

WoW That’s hard core shizen…
Leg day sucks and that’s it. Some puke some don’t but most want to, if your doing it right…


I used to have both problems.

Biggest thing that fixed my nausea problems was to -really- focus on keeping your breathing deep and steady while and after your sets. Short, fast panting tends to wear down my gag reflex pretty quickly. You shouldn’t be sucking down air as fast as you can, and you REALLY shouldn’t be holding your breath.

As far as your forearm pain goes, it’s fairly common and took bicep barbell curls out of my routine for almost a year. You could try doing dumbbell curls instead - what worked for me was concentrating on keeping my wrist angle neutral.

I was curling (or trying to) my wrist inwards with every rep. Do you get that sharp, shooting pain when you set the bar down? Try focusing on pulling with ONLY your biceps, instead of merely getting the weight up.

Your workouts would be so much more effective if your body (CNS, muscles, heart) was adequately fueled.

Here’s a general guideline I’ve learned: if you haven’t already consumed AT LEAST 1/3 of your daily kcals for the day, you need to eat again before you train.