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Puking After Workout?


Am I the only one who thinks this is a BAD thing? It sounds like people are wearing this on their sleeve like a badge of honor. Am I the only person not doing this? Not thinking this is cool? Please let me hear some others in my camp! Stop puking after your workouts.


I think people see puking after working out as a sign of 'pushin themselves to the limit'...how bout no. If you really pushed yourself to the absolute limit...YOU WOULD DIE. So all these people that think that they're hard-asses for chuggin out their stomach lining are just stupid...and to be honest probably pretty unfit. Other people manage to push themsleves hard and not throw-up. i.e. the SAS during point-to-point, and other suck activities that are far more strenuous than doing that 5lb curl 1RM. Just to give you an idea, the average SAS trainee consumes approximately 7000kcal per day.


Puking once. Ok. Puking more then once? IMHO doing something wrong.


Puking is catabolic, avoid it if you can.


I think all those people that feel the need to puke and bleed and scream like idiots during workouts simply don?t get that it?s all about pretty old fashioned things like dedication, consistency and having a plan.

They don?t want to be tough, ?cause that?s hard work, they want other people to think they are. Because if everybody thinks they?re bad-ass MF?s it must be true, right?


Don't train to puke! Train to get bigger / stronger.



Maybe once in a blue moon it's the sign of a hard workout. If it's happening every workout then you're a masochist who enjoys torturing themselves. I think it's a very bad idea to train that hard consistently.


After my back and leg days I usually feel the need to puke. Do I? No! Just because I feel like I need to, doesn't mean that doing it would benefit me in any sane way.


No, you do not have to prove anything to anybody... just yourself. If you want whatever you are after bad enough, you will push yourself with complete effort and nothing less.

Good luck,


If you have never puked after a workout/practice/running hills, you likely have never pushed yourself hard enough. You have to reach your limits to know where they are.

If you do it more than a couple times in your life you are doing something wrong.


I thought that puking was due to high levels of GH after a hard workout.


Let's see I have been training for about 35 years. That comes out to somewhere over 8000 workouts...Hmm I think puking would not have been productive over the long haul.


'masochist who enjoys torturing themselves'

kind of like saying a homosexual thats gay.


LOL, and imagine the sheer amount of wasted calories. WOW!!! Being VERY conservative and saying its just 100 k/cals thats 800,000

Sounds kind of counter productive and costly.

Have I yes, a lot NO. Maybe three times max over the years. Hell it can build charater and like was said above lets you find your limit. Then you can go to the EDGE and not hit that area of stupidity.

Sure it can happen, but if you are chasing it you have a problem or if it happens everytime even if you are NOT aiming for it. You have a physical prob that needs addressed.


I've puked once or twice after a killer workout. Did I overdo it? Probably. That with the addition of the PWO shake and I was not a happy camper.


I thought it was lactic acid build up. High levels of lactic acid can be nauseating.


I puked a bunch of times during hill sprint workouts before I learned not to eat at least 3 hours beforehand . . . and only fruit.

And the time I puked this past Wednesday after EDT front squats . . . well it's not like I WANTED to.


Doesn't puking during/after a workout have more to do with being dehydroated, and less with "going balls to the wall"?


'I am not afraid of fainting. If I fall down, I fall down. I have thrown up in the gym many times.'


ANd then one day you faint and go head first into a machine, resulting in reconstructive surgery to the delicate bones in your face.

And then you realise that fainting at any time is a warning sign that somethign is wrong.