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Puke & Rally


Well, I only threw up twice today. Usually its 4 to 5 times when doing ATG squats. Didn't pass out either. Usually I get a good head rush on the last 2 sets of my 6x6 squat workout.

By the time I get to the Bench Press, i'm running out of flem. I'm benching with complete dry mouth now, cause God knows if I take one sip of water, I'll be sure to spew it right back up on about the 5th or 6th rep. After 6x6 bench pressing in the desert, we're off to the deadlift.

Now were cooking. My legs are stiff, my back is pumped full of blood. I feel like a bloated, blistered, drained camel, without a hump full of water, and another 100 miles to the oasis. Well, I better do those 36 deadlifts before I dry up and turn into coyote jerky. After 6x6 grueling sets of deads, I can finally take a dip in the oasis and soak it up like a sponge.

Thats what Mr. Push ups gets to do on mondays. I'm a strong advocate of bodyweight exercises fellas, even weighted bodyweight exercises. But never lose sight of the basics. I would never leave those 3 exercises out of my program no matter what. I could never get the benefits out of the push ups that i do without my basic strength exercises as my base.

If you chose to do only one basic exercise. Please get your ass in the grass with me and do a full squat til you throw up or pass out.

Cheers _/


jesus christ


Hahahahaha! I'm changing my mind, you are funny.





hey vroom since you've been on this site for awhile. what do you think the % of people on this site is, that actually lift and really post what they actually do? I've seen some off the wall workouts that I don't even think are humanly possible.

Some people are up into the 30-40 set range of heavy compunds and doing them almost daily. lotta bull in here. i have a hard time getting thru those squats.


a simpler way is just put cigarette butts in your coffee. you know, for when you're on the road and stuff and can't get to a real gym.


Like I said; fourteen years old.


Push, while there are certainly some posers and so on, there are also a lot of people that are straight up about what they are doing and are capable of.

Keep in mind, there is an entire spectrum of people from rank beginner to serious competitor in a variety of disciplines. You also have people using various types of assistance in terms of equipment or pharmaceuticals (in some countries they are legal).

I have no way to make a guess though. Who knows?


I only wish.




I would say the percentage of bullshitters just slightly increased.


come on over and find out


18x6 on the big 3 today and you want a piece of me! Yah, I'll take both of those bets.


I haven't been around much recently, but I must thank you for the change of avatars.
Maybe now that I don't have to look at you, looking at me, we can just be friends.


Throwing up sounds really anabolic.


I had a long talk with Mr. Sit Ups and we agree.


Careful Sasquatch, I'm enough of a bastard I might change it back just for you...

For now though, since we are brothers in ridicule, I'll stay my hand.


Like Metzner used to say - "No supercompensation without regurgitation."


you got a point, i don't have enough energy left to get out of this chair


vroom was it you? who made the new s/n name that matches mine.

cmon now...get rid of it.