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Puke Inspiring Video


I think I got a little nauseous just watching this.

Although I'd be more then happy to watch these gals go through this workout in real life.

I'll be in the corner deadlifting.


I think that was the most impressive 5 or so minutes I've ever seen of working out.


That video is from CrossFit... it was posted on the site the week I found it. Awesome video, although there's a higher quality one out there somewhere. The chick on the right while doing the rings, I saw a picture of her doing 70 lb weighted pull-ups somewhere once.


The form on the cleans bothered me. My back was cringing just watching it.


That was a pretty cool. My breakfast would be on the front of my shirt after that. I wonder what these girls are training for.


Interesting video.

Why do crossfitters always squat on those medicine balls? It doesn't seem like a box squat more like cheating by doing a half squat and geting a bounce.

They were jumping on their pull ups and then kicking their legs. It is kind of funny. They would jump off the floor and then bend their knees as if they didn't jump. Then they would kick and struggle to get in the dip position.

I am not a stickler for perfect form by any means but now that I see them do the workout it seems much easier than the written descriptions. (Not that it is easy).


That one in the white top is a badass. I'd marry that girl in a second.


I think the jumping would be part of the workout. Kind of like how CW prescribes his GPP with cheat moves like jumping chin-ups.

I don't think the goal is to get strict, slow reps.

What ever they're doing, it looks like it's working for them. I couldn't do half of what they did.


Why would you want to?


The muscle ups were impressive, and the power cleans (while the form wasn't great) were at least a good choice of exercise.

Now the thing is, WHAT THE FUCK were those fast "squats"? Seemed to me to be the most useless part of their workout.


For the muscle-ups, the fact that they jumped into it isn't that big of a deal. I mean, doing a muscle-up -- especially for a woman -- is impressive, period. CrossFitters do sometimes use jumping pull-ups for people who can't do regular pull-ups, and, trust me, 50 jumping pull-ups will burn you out... even if you do consider it cheating or shitty form. Try it and see.

Same thing with the 50 bodyweight squats -- I thought that they looked easy until I tried it. Even now, I'll use 50 bodyweight squats as a warm-up or to burn out at the end of my workout. It's good stuff -- you should give it a try. Of course, I would never recommend (as CF kind of does) to do bodyweight squats exclusively.

I'm not sure what the medicine ball is all about either -- you can do bodyweight squats perfectly fine without them. Maybe it's just to tell them that they went down far enough?


Judging by the number of people in the gym doing quarter squats, I'd say this is right. It also probibly reduces the intensity by letting you bounce up, and lets you increase the speed because you wouldn't be slamming down on a wooden box. But I suppose if you go down fast onto a ball, you really just falling onto it.