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Puke in My Mouth (Music Vid)


Response to Jizz in my Pants by some gorgeous laydeez.


LOL. Im not sure. It seems too perfect. Usually at least 3 or 4 would come at the same time. No?


Meh. They're easy on the eyes, but I just don't find chicks doing this kinda thing very funny.


Yeah... I've never found a bunch of women vomiting to be particularly humorous either.


So they respond to self depreciating humor with bitchy, guy mocking humor?

Yeah. Fuck dem bitches.

I could forgive it if it were at least written well, or funny, or well sung. But to be honest, the only thing this vid has going for it is hot women. And they're in basically every music video these days.

So yeah.


I thought it was hilarious, but I liked the jizz in my pants one too.