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Puke - Gut Wrenching Workout

Well boys and girls. Im going to visit my cousin at MU and I want a workout that will involve someone puking. What is the most gut wrenching workout you can think up?
If someone pukes ill post the pics.

If I want to kick my own ass I usually use a circuit of some kind. Overhead press, hill climbers, push ups, rows and jump squats. 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off. 60 second break after the end of the circuit for enough sets for desired affect :slight_smile:

Why? Puking isn’t particularly beneficial. If you don’t have a good reason for doing something, then don’t. Having a cockfest/brofest with your cousin isn’t a good reason for it by the way.

Drink a heavy carb drink before your session, like Maltodextrin for example.

Keep a steady pace, short rest times.

Big lifts, Power cleans, squats for higher reps to really get the heart pounding.

I’ve never puked during a workout. (knock on wood) but have come really close lol.

It’s not beneficial at all. Basically if you puke your out of shape, or you messed up and drink a insulin/blood spiking drink before you strated training

A Jack Daniels power hour.


[quote]CSEagles1694 wrote:
A Jack Daniels power hour.


x2. I would add a stairmaster session in after the power hour… but that’s just me.

Mickey D’s big breakfast with hotcakes an hour prior to my deadlifting session last week allowed me to view a mangled sausage biscuit come back up on my newly built platform. It wasn’t as cool as you’d think.

go for a new pr on 20 rep squats, after having done 5x10

I’d definitely suggest something involving 50+ squats, power cleans and sled sprints.



Eat a pound of pasta then go do anything.

This thread makes my tesitcles sad.

Prowler. If you don’t puke the first time using it I’d be very impressed. add 90 lbs on it and try 10 40 yard sprints to start off.

Eat a lot of food then put a finger in your mouth. Tough ass workout motherfucker, EXPLODE

P R O W L E R flu, catch it. 10 sets of 40 yard dashes into ass to grass 50 rep squats.

you can use my name in vain later : )


Thanks to everyone that posted advice. And yes it is just a juvenile dick measuring contest, but fuck it.

Im in the Army, every workout we do is a dumb dick measuring contest to see whos more macho, I realize there isn’t any benefit other than bragging rights that no one but the winner cares about. But it makes it fun to be competitive.

Harness + Truck tire sprints up my 1/8 mile gravel driveway
usually make me feel like Chunkin
But since I’M A REAL MAN
I just walk back home for some Kool-Aid

Use 35# DB in each hand:

DB Clean + Front Squat + Press + First Half of Burpee + Pushup + Renegade Row L Arm + Pushup + Renegade Row R Arm + Pushup + Second Half of Burpee (perform the clean to start the next “rep” during the jump) - go rep-for-rep, facing each other, til somebody quits

Really anything terrible that won’t produce too much local local muscular fatigue (Prowler can/will make your legs just plain not work; plus you might not have one) or require too much strength, done on a “til someone quits” basis, will probably make someone puke. Unless one of you is a pussy.

prowler sprints supersetted with normal sprints… lol