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Pugs and Reader Mail

I hope this gets posted because it’s about reader mail in last week’s issue. I think there’s 3 reasons why Pugs did not have a right to whine in reader mail. 1) The mods ARE blocking commentary about his posts. Trust me. 2) Pugs should want to know where he stands in the forum. He doesn’t know fully what people think of him because from experience, I know that much criticism of him is being blocked. 3) Pugs flames people all the time! Read his insults toward people who are honestly trying to help him (and of course the tirades toward anyone who’s critical of him). Well, this is my commentary about last week’s reader mail. I hope it’s not blocked. Pugs opened the conversation and the on-line magazine is continuing it.

They ask for advice and then attack those that give it to them, including some well repected forum vets who were only trying to help. Then they whine and tattle when they themselves get attacked. Pretty pathetic really.

I don’t insult people unless they insult me first…Its one thing to criticize its another to insult, I can take criticism but sometimes the way people say it turns that criticism inot an insult…Constructive criticism is ok, but negative criticism that drag and bring people down isn’t. I don’t find people saying that this is the gayest thread ever and that im fat, constructive at all in the least bit. And what point does it do to help to help me or anyone else doing this to say that im fat…man thats really constructive, its like no shit i have 22% bf and thats why im doing this diet what does telling me im fat do besides bring me down or at least try to. it was cool and funny at first but when it got to the point where 85% of the posts made were dirogatory and people fucking around, damn right I would get pissed off…and Im sure you would too if you were trying to get serious posts in on your support thread and you had ten “jerk-around” or dirogatory posts between each serious one, its like fricking junk mail on the forum, spam if you will…It annoys you, and it serves no purpose and its hateful or dirogatory. If it happend to you its like someone coming and pissing on your turf when your trying to be serious their making jerk-off posts. And to close this, read the headline it says “support” thread, man some of these guys give some hell of a support. Its not like I was posting a picture and asking to be criticized. I was hoping to gain “support” seeing as thats what the thread was for in the first place. I did not want that mail to be published in reader mail, it was meant to be a personal matter, so they published it prolly cause they thought it was an issue that needed to be addressed. I meant it to be A personal complaint to the guys who monitor the posts…seeing as im not the type of person to make a big public deal out of something …id rather it be handled in private.Its not like I said post this in reader mail on the letter, I wanted it to stay a private matter but it was theri choice to publish it not mine. I tried stopping the stupid and dirogatory posts myself several times by posting…but since no one listened I went higher up the ladder…And I think you would to if you had been in my situation. Now you have two sides of the story hope this clears it up[ a bit…


Hey Pugs, I’m a newbie forum poster (longtime lurker) but I’m going to offer my opinion anyway. Big ups to you and Bets. I think it’s great that you two are sticking with this and trying to make it work. I also think the majority of the posters are behind you and that “85%” of the posts were not negative. But I gotta say that I think you are a little too sensitive and do fly off the handle pretty quickly. For your own sanity, just get a thicker skin, and don’t let the loser, negative, asshole posts piss you off so much.

People on the internet can say all kinds of fucked up shit and not have to account for it in any way. You can take the nicest people in the real world, and if you put them on the internet for a while, they turn into assholes, or at least some of them will.
Flames, trolls, and jerks are part of the internet, at least until people have to post their home phone numbers with their names.
Take that as you will.


One last thing…so you don’t set yourself up for public ridicule (i.e. Reader Mail read by millions), next time I’d send an email to TC or Tim at their email address in “Feedback” (sorry guys) and not risk the inevitable flames you’ll get.

Yeh I do fly off the handle sometimes, annoying things really piss me off, and im sure you can agree with me, if you girlfriend read something on here about here and she went and cryed and sobbed for about 20 mins about it, I think i had a right to fly off. that type of shit is childish and makes me want to rip that assholes head off and shit down his neck for good measure. not meant to be angry at you in any way BTW.
If you have an opinion that isnt gonna help us or if you have a suggestion that you want to make , make it in a courteous and respectful manner, if you have something negative to say frankly I don’t want to hear it if it isnt gonna help us or it isnt a suggestion. Plain and simple. Some of the shit said was very immature and kinda reminded me of “lets pick on the fat kid in elementary school”, very childish some people just need to grow up a bit. (Again not taking it out on you Mamann)


Dont let the flamers get you down. That being said I wouldnt try to get any support from people online. Most are immature, others just dont have a clue, others are social rejects that manage to post around the clock on every thread on the forum.

You have to develope selective reading. Identify the posters who are helpful to you and skip over everyone else.