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Pug in a Power Rack!

Hey guys! This is Yoda the Pug, he trained with me tonight (i) because it’s Bonfire Night and he gets FURIOUS at the fireworks & (ii) he’s got his eye on a little Staffie called Gracie - he thinks she’ll be impressed if he turns up on their next walk together carrying a bit of muscle!

So Yoda would like to pick the brains of all you experts out there and wants to know if he should be following Puglers 531 or Puglifts 5x5?

Also, what is best post workout - dry buscuits or meaty chunks?

Stats: 4 1/2 years old / 12.6 kg / 40cm tall / curly tail / beginner


A minute of my life I could have spent putting my toes through a meat grinder - which would have been infinitely more pleasant than reading this - gone, never to return.

Nice rack!!

Can’t help you on the pug training but my initial analysis would call for increased cardio and laying off the table scraps.

Good luck Yoda.

Hey tsantos, thanks for the reply and may I further thank you for that 2nd minute you took out of your life to make it!

Yoda said if you do decide to go down the meat grinder road, please can you bag up what comes out and send it to him - he’s very partial to high protein toe mince (but could you fish the nails out first?)


Hey DB!

Thanks, it’s a Powertec rack that I’ve had about 4 years - it’s a solid bit of kit!

I got fed up of commercial gyms - the usual story of waiting for 4 guys to finish their 5 sets each of curls on the squat rack! When I bought my current house, I insisted on a garage where I could set up a decent home gym.

Of course there are pros & cons of home vs commercial gyms but if you can afford it and you’ve got the space, I’d highly recommend the home option.