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Puffy Nipples


I need help gettin rid of these puffy nipples. Its not from roids...cuz i never juiced before...i dunno i just have them. If i lose body fat...will i lose those too?


how old are you?


How fat are you?


I'm 17...im not really fat..i got a little extra body fat though. What do you suggest?


jesus dont help or anything...177 views and only 2 posts basically?


You're fucked. I too share the puffy nipples. Get bigger and they'll look smaller in comparison.


what about novaldex or clomid or somethin? will that get rid of them or just fuck up my whole hormone system since im 17?


Better than having gyno right? I had big nipps when I was a fatty but then I cut down and they shrunk shrunk shrunk.


They were probably expecting something else. Puffy nipples are very sexy....on women.

If you're a youngster they'll probably go away on their own unless you're overweight too.