Puffy nipples

Ok is there any way besides surgery to reduce the puffy nipple appearance? Cold seems to work well… but its summer in my country now! Thanks…

Get your nipples pierced!

LOL Nate – ermm… perhaps I should consider that!

Hey, it works for me! And now I get compliments from the ladies who totally love them! Not a bad deal! But I’ll tell you no lie. I’m sore as hell. But they are healing nicely.

jagin - if you have a hard nub underneath the nipple then it could be the beginnings of gyno, but if not then it’s prolly just a tendency you have to store more fat in the lower pec area. if you get your bodyfat % low enough this will burn away. kevo

Nate: sounds interesting… but I’ll hold on that one for a while (enjoy it tho).
Kevo: thanks, I’m planning on reducing my bodyfat anyway (altho I’m not fat… but not ripped either).

ok i do apologize if this seems rude but the post’s title sounds like a really bad porn star’s name