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Puffy Nipples Starting. Lower My Dose Mid Cycle?

I’m on my first cycle of test. Im using test c at 200mg. If been pinning my self twice a week at 1.5 ml my nipples started to get puffy so can I go to 1ml twice a week and not make things worse?

Dude just use some nolvadex… also puffy nips isn’t necessarily a huge deal, permanent gyno is rare. Guys feel some itchy nips and load up on adex, then crash their E2 for 3 weeks and feel miserable

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Your dosage is unclear. 200mg a week ? 1.5ml weekly or twice a week? 200mg/ml?

It’s says test c 200mg and twice a week Sunday and wensday and I fill the needle to 1.5ml. I’m 145 is that too much?

You’re taking 600mg. 200mg/mL, you take 1.5mL x2 so 3mL weekly

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Damn so if I bump it down to 400 weekly I should be ok?

No. You clearly are going to continue to cause youself suffering.

That’s awful

How tall are you?

I am 5’ 8.

Imagine Arnold saying “Get to the Nolvadex!” like he says “Get to the chopper” in Predator.
Dramatic accompanying music optional.
10-20mg/day on cycle will stop excessive estro symptoms.

Cool thank you.