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Puffy Nipples on Test Cycle

So I have been using Testcyp at only 250mg a week,split Monday and Thursday. I am aware this is a low dose. But I want to start low as I don’t see the point in using a high one for a first cycle.

I have noticed my nipples are puffy an get erect more than usual. I am just wondering is this the start of gyno? Also what does “sensitive nipples” feel like.

Don’t get me wrong to be drastic there maybe slightly sensitive but to be honest that’s possibly in my mind I have been overthinking. Any help would be appreciated. I don’t want to use a AI or novla if can be helped.

If you are ocd about gyno go do bloodwork check your t and estradiol values.
The second thing you can do is reduce the dosage to a non gyno possible level, 100-150mg. But that sucks and won’t give you gains, so you add a safe compound like 20 mg of anavar daily.
Hiv study 20mg daily anavar + 100 mg weekly test more muscle gain vs 600 weekly mg test.
Anavar has no sides , well the worst side effect i got was i don’t feel like eating. So i literally had to force myself to eat.

For the anavar oral, since it’s an oral it might affect liver enzymes, easily solved with a liver support. You have to ingest it on empty stomach for maximum absorption.

The other 2 safe non gyno non side effect compounds are masteron and primobolan.
Do not get the orals , they suck.

He’s not getting gyno, he’s just paranoid and hyper alert of his nipples. Nipple sensitivity is usually noticeable in the first 5-6 weeks then subsides. If you’re really paranoid, nolvadex can be used.

I have always had puffy nipples. But when erect, they’re no longer puffy. You mention both though?

I just typed this up on another thread; you use to hear about this but it’s not so common a subject anymore and that could be a from a few different things. It’s called 'test nipple" you usually get it pretty early in the cycle. You didn’t provide much info so I can’t tell you if you are even in the time frame where it could be gyno. Also your body fat can and will cause you to aromatize test at a greater rate than a skinny guy, just a shitty fact.

We could use some stats to help us guide you in determining if this is infact gyno.

As far as your dosage, dude plenty of guys run 250mgs a week for their first cycle and get great results. Roughly that is about 2 and 1/2 time the high end of natural production, depending on age and the such. I think a 250mg first cycle is a smart logical choice as it allows you to see how you react to a lower dosage. If you get great results then why go to 500 the next cycle, you could stay at 250 or just bump it to 300-350. Also it allows you to learn how to handle the estrogen from just 250 vs 500 for your first time. Now a lot of guys don’t have any issue even at 500 but you don’t know until you do it so being cautious and smart is always the way to go. Seriously I actually feel better about the future because someone is being intelligent about their first cycle.

I know people write all sorts of stuff about using too much Aromatase Inhibitors. It is very easy to over use them and tank your estrogen. Remember we need estrogen to build muscle. I don’t think your aversion to Nolvadex is something to stick to if you are experiencing gyno. Really Nolvadex is the idiot proof way to avoid gyno. Both ai and Nolvadex work and if you stay in this cycling world you will need to develope your skill set with both. For now if you still have nipple issues and you notice a lump forming then use Nolvadex. Probably 10mgs EOD would be a good start for gyno protection. Heck even if you can’t for sure determine if it is gyno then using a low dose of Nolvadex to see if there is a change isn’t going to hurt you. So if you are one of those guys, like so many others among us, that is going to worry and worry about this then just try a little Nolvadex to see if it goes away. Again I bet you are just having the old 'test nipple" but there is nothing wrong with trying something just for peace of mind. (If you were going to use an AI I would have a different stance.)

This could be true lol … but I was debating running a AI?

Thanks that was a good bit off info. I am debating running a AI through the cycle just o.5 arimadex eod. Just for peace of mind … so are the erect nipples a sign of higher Estro?

Also completely off topic but if someone is to blast and cruise would they use a AI all year?

You should read a few other posts for reference but its common to run no AI, many report side effects of feeling off or worse.

RIP e2.

.5mg EOD is a HEFTY dose and a very good chance you’ll tank your E2 and feel shitty.

You ought to read the advice guys gave you. It’s pretty normal. Arimidex is not good for you, and not something you just throw in as a preventative, especially with your mild dosage.

I have childhood gyno. I have run 500mg test weekly and 30mg DBol without any gyno issues. I had nipple sensitivity, and a slightly more puffed nipple (I always have moderately puffy nipples), but that goes away usually in the 5/6 week.

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So the sensitive nips are completely normal at the start of a cycle?

For most it trashes lipids… nephrotoxicity, cardiotoxicity

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I’ve gotta ask, how old are you? How tall? Weight? Several people have given you info, and you seem to not be reading/listening. There are also countless threads about nipple sensitivity. It leads me to believe you are rather young, and likely not ready for this.

At your dosage 0.5 mg EOD will tank your estrogen. You will feel like shit. Maybe 0.25 mg twice a week if you are dividing your dose into two equal doses. Really with your dose if you have any issues especially given that you are new to this, just use Nolvadex. Nolvadex protects you from gyno and you can’t mess up your estrogen with it.

For blast and cruise, some guys don’t need AI at 500 mgs a week so cruising being less than that then do the math. Then some guys would absolutely need an AI on basic trt dosage levels.

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Ok thanks for the advice.

I’m 30, 6ft and weight 88kg.
I’m just trying to ask as much as possible as yes I am new to this. Hence the thread lol.

Rather ask questions before I make a bad decision.

If breast area issues are what you’re concerned about just get Tamoxifen and have it on hand. There’s no reason to tank your estrogen with an AI which would likely ruin your cycle for weeks and weeks. 250mg is just above TRT and the chances are you don’t need anything. You’ve likely read a bunch of shit about gyno and you’re freaking yourself out about it now and you’re looking for issues. Your body is adjusting to new hormonal levels and will even out in time on its own. Don’t screw yourself by tanking your estrogen.

Well the best method would still be getting a sensitive estrogen bloodwork 10-14 days into the cycle. Should be 20-40 pg. But bloodwork is expensive. Another way to mitigate gyno would be to microdose everyday. Or reduce the test and add primobolan.