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Puffy Nipple During PCT

After a few years of lurking on this website, today i decided to join to ask a few questions… i just got done with a 10 week test blend of about 600 mg total a week. Ramped down before I got off, of course. Nothing else was ran just the test blend and occasional AI when needed. Here I am at the top of week 3 being off, I am experiencing a puffy right nipple. When I extend my arm straight up in the air and feel my nipple it kind of feels swollen underneath, sensitive to the touch and while wearing a shirt. This altogether started the morning before, so it has only been going on for a short amount of time. I have never experienced this first hand so I am kind of curious what to expect. I started my nolva treatment at the beginning of last week for 60 mg a day leading up to this point. I have not noticed anything at all in my left nipple.

Am I taking too much nolvadex?

you clearly don’t know what you’re doing.

First: AI ‘when needed’ is wrong. AI’s are meant to keep your estrogen at a particular, consistent, level. If you’re not using it consistently, you’re using it wrong. This was a big mistake. Unless you’re getting bloodwork multiple times a week, you have no idea what ‘as needed’ would even mean.

Second: You used WAY too much nolvadex. You should have been using 20mg/day at the most. I would immediately lower the dose to 20mg.

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Sort of sad for a guy “lurking” here for a few years.

See the 2nd post of 1st forum topic for links that you need to follow.

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I’m curious as to how you could tell? Did you just feel a bit oestrogeny some days?

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One is way puffed out, almost swollen and hot to the touch.

you’ve prolly got estrogen rebound, due to your intermittent AI use.

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