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Pudzianowski's Second Fight


Those who were comparing Mariusz to Brock and Semmy Schiilt should watch with interest.

I stand by my earlier prediction that Tim should KO him..


The video for the first round was taken down-

Anyway in all seriousness I was impressed by Mariusz beating a legitimate pro MMA fighter with a good record. Even though he won't make the impact people think, he's definitely doing well for a newcomer to fighting.

As for the (obvious) negatives, his striking is very, very stiff, he has very little footwork to speak of. He showed some good take downs and kicks in the first but gassed very, very quickly even though he was on top for some time. He rushes in head first flaining his arms in order to tie up which is BAD BAD BAD.

He can't really check kicks too well and against any decent kickboxer he'd have been in trouble. I think he will have to lose some more mass if he wants to be conditioned right. Especially if he's going to be fighting top 30 HW's like Tim.

I'm sure he works like an animal but the human body is just not designed to keep that much muscle fuelled for 15 minutes of fighting IMO.


here's part of the fight, another link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnSx4SfX5Hk


He uses his strength well in the clinch. Not so well on the ground. Striking is abysmal, he's muscling his punches out and paws his jab.

He faded in the 2nd round, so cardio is an issue if he were to fight an opponent who could force a higher pace. All in all, Pudz has a lot to work on. One thing I liked about this fight is that it smashes that idea that Mariuz can run through the heavyweight division by overpowering his opponents.


His strngth and power def makes him hard to deal with but Im still suprised at the arms flailing hands down style. As a former boxer you would think hed at least be in the habit of keeping hands up, not throwing punches from his waist, etc.


cause both the other links got taken down. 3 parts full fight.


Sylvia will win the next fight if he isn't totally out of shape.


Former boxer doesn't mean much these days. I don't know how you guys do it over there, but it seems alot of fighters get their credentials out of cereal boxes. Stephen Bonner was supposedly a ex-golden gloves champ, and his boxing sucks ass IMO.


Ah, yes the fascination of seeing a comically massive man fight. Sounds nearly like a thread idea...bump!