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Pudzianowski Vid




Ha... were you expecting otherwise? The guys an animal.


I saw this video awhile ago. I think its from a few years ago, he looks older and bigger now.


hmmm . . .

somehow, I missed this movie before.
Yeah, it must have been ages ago. He's MUCH bigger now. he's face looks so much different at present, too.
he's talking about a warm-up being an integral and important thing in a workout preventing pulls/injuries, bla, bla, bla.

Interestingly, also about complementary training (cross training if you wish) such as running, skipping rope, swimming that (he says) is essential and equally important as gym workouts.
his last sentence: quote
"it's NOT enough to be a huge pumped-up chap! you need to be flexible, be able to run and swim"




Not to sound like a hater but how old is this because he looks really young in this video compared to now. In fact now he looks older then he actually is. Still he looks like he's having fun, as usual. One of the greatest atheletes of our time.


He needs more room for plates on that bar for squats. I don't care how old he was, that was amazing.


He's long been one of my heroes. The fact that he can keep his body fat as low as it is and still be so strong is amazing to me. He makes strong look good. Plus, he kicks the fat strong guys in the ass at those MET-Rx competitions


Must be an old video. He's a lot bigger now. That guy would make a badass nose tackle in American FB.


I think it's great that a HW strongman can skip rope. However, the events at strongmen comps lead (in recent years) leads to a better all around athlete as opposed to a phenomenal 1 rep max.


Thats why he came in 6th at the Arnold, the only true static strength test that exist today in strongman.

Hooray for the fat guys.


Now THAT is an athlete boys.


hell yeah.


I think you mean "machine." Athlete is an understatement.


Ha ha ha ha .... LoL



I checked out the link, and there's some chuckle-head broad talking some crap like: "girls don't like this, this is a turnoff blah blah blah..." Who gives a fuck what girls like you want! Who made this bitch an authority on what girls like? I know from personal experience that not all girls like faggy, ripped abs and nothing else model-wannabe metrosexuals. I've gotten plenty of girls with my thick neck and protruding traps!


GASP...but...but...but he was doing direct arm work!! It's obvious he has no clue how to train. Don't let the slabs of muscle and the huge weights he moves fool you :wink:)


I hate it when I run out of room on the bar for plates!!

Usually I use 2 bars. That way I can put on more weight!!