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Pudzianowski Tested Positive?

I’ve seen a news item saying Marius Pudzianowski has been diqualified for “infringements of the health policy” -presumably code for testing positive.
Anybody know the details / dirt?
How about the results?

Old Dax

I’m pretty certain it’s for recreational drugs, although they’re keeping a lid on the whole thing. The official statement mentioned him being checked into a rehab program and him “having a clean record until now.”
Since the IFSA only very recently instituted a steroid testing policy (and no-one really knows how “real” it is)the rec drugs seem more likely. Steroids are fundamental to the top guys in strongman-- the real concern of the IFSA is guys on speed keeling over or having a hemorrage mid-event.
Also, Mariusz has had problems with the “wild life” before-- he killed someone while drunk driving and had to spend a year and ahalf in jail-- that’s why he was so impressive in the 2000 WSM but we didn’t see him again until his victory in the '02 one.

This isn’t to say the guy isn’t juiced to the gills-- he’s a freakzoid.

Thanks Red,
They’re all juiced to the gills- that’s what it takes- so it’s an even playing field.
Old Dax