Pudzianowski Banned?

Heard that Pudzianowski might be banned from competing in IFSA if he does not turn his back on some of his fellow countrymen (Dymek and Szymiec) who are trying to set up their own strongman events. This is in defiance of the Polish Federation who they accuse of ill treatment.

The IFSA supported the Polish Fed by banning Dymek and Szymiec and sent a letter to Mariusz threatening:

'Should you decide to go with Jaroslaw Dymek’s federation,your international career will be over.In the ‘90s 4-time Europe’s SM Manfred Hoeberl and 4-time WSM Magnus Ver Magnusson decided to go on their own.The result was that they never again competed at WSM and Hoeberl went bankrupt.’

Does anyone know anything more about recent developments?

thats too bad if its true. the guy is a freak of nature. he is one of the strongest mo-fo’s in the world, and has a body that could probably land him in the next mr. O, if he wanted to. plus i hear he plays soccer, rugby, and also boxes. definitley not a guy i would fuck with.

man, I would hate to want to tackle that guy, like being hit by a freight train.

If he is banned,that would totally suck.It’s not often we get to see someone like him.

how could he be banned from it? couldnt he just compete in it not using poland… or does poland have some big say in it.

and what the hell do these guys do to get the last atlas stone up/last overhead press thing up (in the finals) when they are almost all failing to lift them in the qualifiers…

pudz rocks, he runs like a girl though :slight_smile:

damn, that’s exactly the look I’m going for…same body structure, same height…just have to add another 55lbs lf LBM hahaha

Why are they trying to set their own events up…?

Are there not enough to compete in already?

It would be a great loss if he wasn’t to compete in the Worlds again. He’s the dominant force and as most of the other strongmen believe will win again.

I thought there was quite a big circuit in Europe and also the US/Canada…

Why do they think they’ll succeed where other bigger names have failed.


That’s how it looks like @ the moment. We’ll see how it goes. There are big clashes over power, money, being mistreated.
At the present Jarek Dymek ended up behind the bars (nasty set-up and arrested by antyterrorist group… really sad)
new federations started to organise new events, seminars for yourg lifters and those being interested in sport + shows/exhibitions for general public.
I personally hope they will succeed

the IFSA runs most of the pro strongman comps you see, including the WSM. WSM itself is owned/produced by TWI.
Neither organization gives a flying fuck about the athletes competing. There are lots of competitions, but the only ones making money are the organizers.
The IFSA sees athletes only as a source of money, and guys like Dymek and Glenn Ross are attempting to break free.
Check http://pub18.ezboard.com/bstrengthdiscussion for a lot more info on IFSA and their bullshit.

These days, a career in the world of athletics is for those who wants to be involved in a pathetic soap opera :frowning: