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Pudz is Dropping Out


of the arnold classic...

From the ironmind site...
"I'm Not Ready . . ." by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ?2006 IronMind

?I?m not ready for the Arnold,? Mariusz told IronMind, ?because I have been too busy, doing too much work.?

Widely in demand for exhibitions and seminars, Mariusz Pudzianowski is coming off a hectic schedule and he explained that he does not want to come to the Arnold in less than top condition. ?I am the world champion,? said the three-time MET-Rx World?s Strongest Man winner, ?so I must come into a contest ready at 100%, not 75% like in China last year.?

Mariusz said that he is training hard now, preparing for the World Strongman Cup contest in Iran next month.

I think the 75% thing sounds like a backhand at phil phister, and it strikes me as weird that he wouldn't be prepared for one of the biggest shows of the year.


Maybe you're right. But then, even the world's greatest can lose focus once in a while. Besides, if you've got the soul of a competitor, you hate to benything less than top condition. Call me naive, but I think it just reinfores that he is human after all.


Life has never derailed your best plans or intentions at any point in your life?


He ususally looked like he didn't give a shit at the Arnold anyways because he knew he can't beat some of the horses like Savikas in those type of events. Oh well, would have liked to see him but I'm sure losing has really refocused him on the WSM.


Make no mistake, I'm not saying he didn't have a bad day or whatever, but saying you were only 75% ready isn't a bad day, it's saying you weren't prepared. Either way, Pfister was the better man on that day, even if only by a half second.


Top compeitors will rarely admit that they were flat out beaten. It's just the nature of their competitive personalities.


True that. You'll never hear a PLer, for example, say he wasn't strong enough to lift the weight, even if he got buried. Only that he wasn't fast enough, or his conditioning is off, whatever...competitors will never admit defeat, even while it drives them to greater achievements later.


He's not the world champion, but his is a bad loser.


It's not like he could ever win at the Arnold with Savickas there.


This is just him skipping the formality of being beaten.


No, in fact I doubt he could get top 5 with that pool. But I think the reason he did poorly at WSM was because he wasn't feeling challenged in WSM, and the arnold is where the best competition (IFSA and WSM) is at.