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Pudge Stomach... Help!

First of all I would like to say, it’s an honor to be a part of a group such as this.

I have spent the greater part of the month glued to my computer screen reading the various (and quite in-depth) articles about anything and everything you can think about for your body and improving yourself.

The list of 13 power foods has become a sort of bible to me. I swear by it and tell anyone who is interested about it.

But enough of that as I’m sure most of you have seen it plenty of times, and more times to come.

I stumbled upon the forums (yes I’m stupid enough not to have noticed there were forums) and looked at a few posts of some people posting their progress of working and dieting, and many are very impressive.

I too, look to better myself. I will try to keep this short.

I was once 245 pounds and 6’3, with way more Fat to Muscle. I moved out on my own, became single and worked as a painter working 8-5, under very strenuous labor. 6 months later, I dropped to 190 and dropped from a size 42 to a 36. After I realized I had lost so much (not in the best way either, I ate smaller meals more often yes, but most of the time I was so broke I couldn’t afford good food and starved myself a bit) I decided to better my appearance.

I noticed after I had dropped the weight so fast, that I had a lot of excess loose skin and fat just kind of disgustingly dangling there, and read all I could about getting a more firm and flat stomach.

Months later I’m still not terribly satisfied with my mid section and I’ve done about all I can think of, short of lipo to get rid of this small pudge of a stomach.

I would greatly appreciate some help and tips on dieting and exercises that I can do to firm and tighten my stomach and get rid of this loose skin/fat around my stomach. I’ve just started going to a free gym provided by the college here for students. It has anything and everything.

Any advice would be helpful. Please help me out on this, I’m willing to try everything.

Its All; about losing total BF bro. you want that midsectin lower in BF everything will have to be thats likly the Last place tyo go.

Other then that build actual muscle under the BF if you get larger muscles and even hypertrophy your abs they will appear at a Higher BF %.

Loose skin, stay hydrated, maybe try lotion and hope it tighten up in time