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Pudendal Neuralgia Low T

I am 19 years old, just found out I have low t and for the last week I have had some of the most uncomfortable sensations in my penis. I also have erectile dysfunction, no morning wood, and weak orgasms. The sensation in my penis is painful and I cant even touch my penis without it hurting. My life has been drastically affected by this and my symptoms down there match with pudendal neurlagia. Now here is where I have hope , I am yet to start on my t replacement but I do believe that the reason I am feeling these sensations is due to low dht caused by low t. I have read that dht has something to do with the pudendal nerve and so my theory is once I get my dht back to normal the penis tingling will go away. What do you guys think? Thanks to anyone who replies.

You will not get any replies re the nerve problem.

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LH/FSH - do not start TRT before first doing this

Low T will lead to low DHT.

Please explain time-line for this problem. For a long time now? Sudden onset at the time.

Fertility concerns mean that you cannot do TRT without added measures to keep the testes functional.