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Pudendal Nerve Problem?


It’s been years now. I haven’t had any flair ups for a long time. Still active and at 45 now stronger than ever. I’m doing a crossfit competition next weekend. I found a better chiropractor and I believe my issues were all created by my back/hip alignment being way out. It will take a little time for the symptoms to calm down. You’ll also need to figure out why the alignment is out. I have hip joints that are not the same left to right. The repetitive motion of cycling was causing them to rock my lower back out of place. So for me biking had to be given up. I now can feel when my back starts to go out and will go to the chrio before it gets too bad. Also if I sit on the ground with my legs straight out in front of me. If my ankles/heels don’t line up then I know my hips are out. I go back maybe four to five times a year now to get adjusted. IT can and will get better you just have to nail down your alignment/posture. Good luck!


Thanks for the reply and glad to hear you’re doing so much better.

I’m wondering if there might be something off in my back too. I had my seat up too high while cycling and so my hips and I’m guessing my lower back as well, was rocking side to side with each pedal.

Initially, my hips were misaligned- my PT had taken courses in osteopathy and gave me a corrective exercise for my hip. That took care of the urological symptoms I was having (frequent urination, hesitation during urination), which haven’t returned. And the first time I was readjusted, the burning pain went away (my main symptom). Then my hips went out of place again and the pain came back. Readjusting my hips a second time didn’t resolve the burning pain, unfortunately.

Going to ask my chiropractor to take a look at my hips again, just to make sure they are aligned right. Also, he mentioned taking an X-ray of my lumbar region, to see if that area looked alright.

Have my second ART session tomorrow. It’s been four days since my first session, I think I’m feeling better. The burning pain has been fairly low and tolerable. The symptoms certainly have been changing and shifting. The burning pain has given way to a cool sensation occasionally, and the burning pain has now started shifting to my inner thighs at times. So it certainly had some effect on whatever nerve is being affected. Hope a few more sessions of this help.

If not, I have an appointment lined up with a sports medicine doctor in a little over a week, who comes highly recommended. So I have my fingers crossed. Very ready to be over this!


All these bad memories are flooding back to me… What a frustrating time that was. Mine went on really bad for close to a year. Once I found a good chiropractor the sitting problems (very sharp pain my main symptom) went away in under a month. I’m pretty sure if I had gone to the right chiropractor early on I would have saved thousands of dollars and been back to normal in a matter of weeks. Long term it taught me the value of getting strong and being aware of posture at all times. Looking back on it my poor posture didn’t help at all. Stretches were good and bad. They felt good doing them but can cause instability which let’s things slide out of position too. Getting good at back squats, front squats, and deadlifts helped me stabilize everything. Most doctors would cringe at that advise but they also see no value in chiropractors when everything is pointing at never issues.


So glad I googled this issue and found this forum.

For 2 weeks im experiencing “prostatitis-alike” symptoms.

It all started after a 12h flight from europe to the Usa.
Plus heavy lifting the following days after 40 days of total inactivity.

I started feeling some burning at my testicles, perineum, cheeks and thighs. For days.

Researching online the symptoms I thought I might had prostatitis and my doctor told me right away “get antibiotics”.

I generally dont trust doctors and I always refused to take antibiotics. Whats the point of them if its not a BACTERIAL one ? Actually 90% of people diagnosed with prostatitis either doesnt have a bacterial
infection or doesnt have prostatitis AT ALL.

And antibiotics, besides crushing your body, immune system and metabolism, will worsen your symptoms as well.

Long story short, after thinking about what I did
and what happened Im sure my problems are related to weight lifting after 40 days of inactivity, poor mobility and agility.

My suggestion is always to be your own doctor first and try to understand what you did, what happened in your lifestyle and listen to your body.

My symtoms are alleviating after 5 days of no exercises.

Plus im taking some calcium (to balance and lower the zinc which i think im overdosed of…and most of prostatitis are caused by great retention of zinc), MSM and some vitamins.

Next step is enhancing my mobility
and my stretching habits.

After that Ill look into some advanced therapies like the ART


Hi, sorry for resurrecting this thread. I have very similar symptoms. I’ve been at 10 days now, just wondering how things went for you? Did it clear eventually?


I agree with everything marcomiami86 said. Once urological issues like infections are ruled out, I still believe a lot of these issues are due to tightness or muscular imbalances in muscles in or around the pelvis (hips, glutes, leg insertion points, etc). Getting checked out by a physical therapist is a great way to help identify how you are moving or if you have any muscular imbalances that could be causing your issues. Once any tight or imbalanced areas are identified, they best addressed through changing of exercise habits, doing mobility work, getting massages, and doing any PT work needed. I used to do lots of heavy lifting as well as Olympic lifting. I completely switched focus from this style of lifting to more medium weight lifting + bodyweight movements that don’t put as much stress on my pelvis.

Heavy back squats -> lighter front squats or goblets squats
Heavy leg press -> long distance bodyweight walking lunges
Heavy deadlifts -> lighter dumbbell romanian deadlifts or bodyweight hip thrusts

Reps are now 10+ for most exercise which naturally lowers the weight further. I feel much HEALTHIER from lowering the weight and focusing more on form and the muscle I’m working. Plus this type of lifting seems to work better on my body that’s getting older. The one thing I would say is I would change the mindset that this type of lifting is “wimpy”. You’ll end up destroying your body in the long run if you keep trying to measure your success by how much weight you lift. You have to look at your goals and align your exercising towards that. If you always want to lift the most weight possible, you have to be prepared for the consequences. I’ve moved beyond that and just want to look and move well and be overall healthy.

For my own issues, things are very good, when I’m following the above rules. I know when I’m slipping on say mobility work. Some of the original symptoms might come back slightly. But once I resume whatever I was missing, I’m back to normal.


Hi all,hope all are doing well I am also going through the same symptoms stabbing pain in testicles,penis and perinneal area tightness in testicles. BackinAction can you suggest me your protocol and which physio should I consult as i live in India and it’s hard to find pelvic floor physiotherapist here. It would be of great help for me.


Hi, hope you all are well I am going through same symptoms shooting pain in groin, testicles,penile area from the last 1 year. I have been visited to many doctors including endocrinologist,urologist with no help. Please anyone can help out here as I live in New Delhi India it’s very hard to find physio for pelvic floor. BackinAction can you suggest me your excercise protocol as even stretching also hurts. Thanks.