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Public thank-you Mr. Waterbury

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to Chad Waterbury.

After a two-year layoff (off and on lackluster training at best) I decided to throw myself back into strength and conditioning full-force (as in I opened a small training facility for athletes). I thought if I was going to talk the talk to the youth athletes that I work with, I better walk the walk a little too. So…

I have a pretty full schedule with a full-time job and a gym to run, so I don’t have a lot of time for training and I decided that from everyone’s rave reviews I would try ABBH because it is quick and hard-hitting.

I did two full rounds of ABBH and here is what I came up with in terms of results:

Added about 5 lbs of lean mass

Lifts before:

ATG Front Squat-242lbs

Lifts after:

Bench-255 lbs
ATG Front Squat-297lbs

New Goals:
Bench 275
Deadlift 455
Front Squat 365

Narrowly missed 265 bench, and 308 squat.

I know these are hardly impressive #'s but the improvement over 6 weeks was superb (in my opinion), and I was really happy with the #'s considering the lengthy layoff. I loved the ball-busting progression in the 5X10 days, and it really reminded me of the importance of quality work (rather than just going through the motions) and tested my mental strength.

Exercise selection that I used was this

Day 1:
Incline dumbell press
Bent-over rows

Day 2:
Front Squats
Standing calf raise
Med-Ball toe touch

Day 3:

Day 4:
Hanging leg raise
seated calf raise

X3 weeks (approx)

In short, simple (but challenging) and effective. Plus I didn’t have to plan it myself.

So, to Chad Waterbury a huge thank-you. You helped me in getting it back together and will make me a better coach to my youth athletes.

Have a great day all,


Where did you get that avatar?

I’m using the Total Body Training routine of his and I like it.