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public sex

I'm looking for some suggestions from both guys and girls. My new girl gets off on performing  sexual acts in public places(the whole thrill of getting caught thing). I'm cool with that, I just don't want to get caught. Does anyone have some suggestions or some experiences to share.

In the photo booth at the mall about one on a Sunday. That should tide her over for awhile. Watch out though, I dated a girl who liked the whole getting caught thing. She ended up being bi-polar and liked to do lots of drugs. Oops, I had the blinders on, no wonder she could fuck like no one else.

Chicks that I have talked with seem to have a fetish for the “Gap” changing rooms.

Wear a Richard Nixon mask.

The roof of a hotel or other highrise building. Nobody looks up. Also elevators (watch for cameras at any of these places )restrant booths and bathrooms, parking decks, zoos and amusement parks. Guess what I like to do :wink:

ok girlfriend… spill it! how do you get away with a restaurant booth? (um… i’m just gathering information grin)

I get the feeling more girls are into this than most guys realize.

I saw a survey that said of all nationalities, Canadians are into this the least while Brazilians are into it the most.

Port a potty at the olympics

In the meat department at Safeways

on the hood of the car at Jiffy Lube

On the casket at a Cicillian Funeral

On the up escalator at JC Pennys
Up on stage at a Dog show
on the side of the highway under one of those traffic cameras they have on the web

Corner booth with tablecloth, low lighting, sit beside each other, wear a short skirt, lots of hands on foreplay, wait till you have told the waiter everything is fine,take turns dropping your napkin. I think the waiter knew because he blushed and kind of kept his head turned away when he approached the table. This was just oral by the way. For the real thing we used a bathroom stall. :wink: You go for it girl!

I gotta admit, I thought the restaurant thing would be too obvious. But then again, I don’t frequent too many places that use tablecloths. The difficult thing isn’t the foreplay, it’s the actual insertion, noise, etc. Parks after dark are probably too benign. There’s the driving down the highway thing, but then again, that’s (hopefully) nothing more than oral (for the driver) or manual (for the passenger). Domed stadiums are a possibility (high up in the cheap seats), and it might even get aired on national TV!

Wowie Kazowie Girlfriend. That was you???

Man, you should just go for it wherever and whenever she wants it. I used to have a girl like that. We were in a movie at Tinseltown when she started to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants. We were at the top so no one could really see us. We were about 3 min into it when someone came out of a door just to the left of us. When he saw us, my face just dropped in embarrassment, but it was one of the funnest things I have ever done!!! You only going to be young once…

Avoids, yes that is me. Even threw my panties off the roof LOL! saw them caught on a bush in the courtyard the next day. Haven’t you ever seen some bit of clothing in an unusual place and wondered how it got there???

Lucky SOB, most guys would kill to have your “problem”

I have an answer for this, but what the hell is up with your name?crossdresser?
anyway, my old girlfriend was into this. J Crew changing room, beach,in the car with others, and in like public parks-benches.

Well, you know I do. My suggestion is, if you don’t want to get caught, and she enjoys having sex in public (because of the thrill) then make sure you are good distance away when she is doing this, or not.