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Public Service Announcement for Pennsylvanians

A warning (I didn’t originate it, but I’m passing it on):

"A convicted Pennsylvania child rapist is going to be set free this week, on his 21st birthday. He has threatened to rape again (he fantasizes about raping 4-to-6-year-old girls) and his therapists say he has homicidal tendencies. There is nothing that can legally be done in his state to stop him. He can’t even be tracked, nor will his new neighbors be notified about his past.

Pennsylvania needs a law like other states have that keep sex offenders in jail past their sentencing, as long as psychiatrists believe they are a danger for re-offending.

It is truly frightening how many kids like this are out there. A good many are repeat pederasts who have been setting fires and torturing animals since they were 10 years old. Without fail, every one of these kids suffered horrible physical and sexual abuse at the hands of their “parents” and never had a chance to be normal. However, that being said these kids are a clear and present danger, but there is no way to protect society once these kids turn 21. Inevitably someone has to be raped or even killed before the adult system becomes involved

The child rapist's name is Brian Calabrese. Just so you know."

My step-daughter was molested by a neighbor a little over a year ago. We’re waiting on a court date. If it ends up getting pleaded out, my whole purpose in life is to ruin this fucker. If he gets jail time, I hope I know enough people in the system to get him hurt.

I worked for a year while I was in law school at a sort of half way house for minors who had been convicted of child molestation in California. We were required to read the shrink’s reports every week after he met with the molesters. Reading that shit week after week was enough to convince me that these people cannot be rehabilitated.

Lets hope he gets jail time- i have heard some nice stories about what they do to child molestors in the pen…

I don’t think most of these people can be effectively rehabbed either. At that point, I think that keeping them separated from society is for the protection of society, and not necessarily as punishment for previous wrongdoing. At some point our system is going to have to face the fact that certain people are simply too high a risk for recidivism, and the damage inflicted by them is too great, to simply just let them go.

Any idea what county he is getting relaeased in? I am attending a dinner/fundraiser tonight and the governor of PA. Ed Rendell will be speaking. I would love to mention this to one of his aides (as he reaches for my check!)

Thanks for the info. If he comes to Georgia, we’ll pull out a can of southern whoop-ass on him.

Sorry, but I don’t know to which county he will was released.

Once again an example of the horrible Pennsylvania DoJ/DoC. First the incident with the VH1 prison band, now this. And the state government wonders why people don’t stay here after college graduation.