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Public Pet Peeves


We've had the gym peeves thread and the significant others peeves thread, now for the public pet peeves thread. When your out in public what do you see that drives you almost to homicide?

1.) Wine Bitches - Go to any nice restaraunt and you'll see them. Upperclass women who look down their noses if you order a beer and would never think of ordering liquor in public (that makes you an alchoholic) but they'll sit there and blast back four bottles of house chardonay becoming louder with each one. What is it about wine drunks that makes them so much more annoying than beer drunks or whiskey drunks??

2.) Wearing Bluetooth headsets when you're not on the phone - Why do people insist on looking like an extra from Star Trek? Go to the grocery, the mall, the gym and Lt. Ahura is there with you.

3.) Last years skank - O.K. girls, if you're going to spend you McDonnalds paycheck trying to keep up with Paris at least keep it current. It's bad enough having to see you out in your (Now) popular pesant skirt and tank top but when you throw in last years fake Dolche sunglasses and knockoff Prada bag my little brain just can't handle it.

I have more, but i'll exert some self control.


  1. Talking on the cell phone while driving in a sinuous line at half the permitted speed.

  2. Whistling. Makes me cringe.

  3. People who smell like a petting zoo.

  4. Cycling on the sidewalk.

  5. Low rise jeans and short tops with pale adipose tissue oozing from the gap.

  1. Smacking Gum!!! Just plain rude.

  2. Smoking IN the doorway.

  3. Leaving fast food drinks out so someone else can clean them up.


"Tough" guys at the club, the 170 lb guys that think they can fight anyone cause they watch UFC everynight and once broke a kids nose in grade 2.

"Yah buddy I outweigh you by about 100 pounds but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you could one punch me." - Me to some guy last weekend.

  1. Talking on cell phone in public (while in a store, during dinner at a restaurant, etc) or while driving a car.

  2. Teenagers hanging out anywhere.

  3. Loud, obnoxious, people. The ones who scream "Hey, look at me."

  4. Attention whores, men and women.

  5. Placing an order or buying something, in the U.S. and the person not being able to speak a lick of english.


Slow drivers in the fast lane.


People who rant on message boards about minor things.



bet you hate people who can't burn DVDs too!



Quit looking in my windows! I'm trying to find a shirt that fits better till I look good enough to go out in pubic like this. :stuck_out_tongue:

My gripes:
People who sit in their car and chat up the teacher in the pick-up line at the school when there is a LINE of cars behind them.

People who obviously do not look in the mirror before leaving the house.


Seeing people eat.

More specifically hearing them eat.

Rarely do I meet people who are capable of eating, whether a meal or a stick of gum, SILENTLY and with their mouths shut.

Maybe its caused by eatings meals while watching TV that makes them lose self-awareness.

Or, hell, maybe its too time consuming to not look like a pig at a troff.

I dont know. But its getting ridiculous. The other day I was watching Oprah (yeah, get over it) and she was eating an apple exactly like a horse would. With its jaw flapping in a circular fashion. I couldnt believe that someone with soo much money, who's been to countless high profile diner engagements, and who has her own publicist could come off looking like that.


Sigh, where do I begin on this one:

Slow drivers in the fast lane.

People who hold up the line at a retail store checkout because they are talking on their cell phone doing nothing but gossiping.

Rude drivers in general

Dipshits that wear their blue tooth earpieces everywhere.

Anyone who is rude to a waiter or waitress. (especially if they are in my party)

Dumbasses who have dogs, but don't take care of them or spend time with them.

Parents who let their kids behave as they wish (especially airplanes and restaurants).

People who think you can tell them their body fat percentage by holding up a shoe on an internet forum.


Even after checking the mirror I don't look much better.


1) Talking loudly on a cell phone in a store as if you were at home & not hanging up when you get to the checkout stand and treating the clerk like they are worthless

2) People who take shopping carts from grocery stores

3) Packing cigerettes for 20 minutes

4) Tailgating


How about people who see you coming down the lane, and then pull out right in front of you and putter up to 10 below the speed limit?

Or, that idiot who just HAS to pass you to cut in front of you and take the same exit off the highway. THose idiots are lucky my car isn't equipped with a Vulcan.

People who leave frozen stuff laying around the grocery store so it can thaw and be ruined and wasted. What the fuck is the matter with these idiots? Do they think it's OK to just waste shit? No wonder people hate us.


People who think they're the most fuckin important being in the world. You know them when you see them, the kind of people that accelerate like a sonuvabitch from a green light up to the next red light half a block away. The same people walk around grocery stores with cell phone headsets with Joe, Terry and Moe all on call waiting because they just CAN'T wait to get up on the new buying and selling trends.


Wow, I sold my car a year ago and this thread reminds me just how little I miss driving.


I think I agree with this one the most. Also one of my biggest pet peeves. Although since I'm about 170 pounds I guess I just look at all the guys and think they are stupid cause half of them have this dumb look on their face thinking they can beat anyone there yet blondie has only touched his mommie's bowflex (if that) and never picked up a solid wieght (the only one being in his head).


People with terrible table manners

People who leave thier crap out for someone else to clean up

MF's who make pots of coffee on a hot afternoon, use up all the damn cold water, and don't replace the MF'in bottle on the cooler.

And of course, bad drivers.


Stupid people who listen to a piece of music and then tell you their opinion on it straight afterwards. I don't want to fucking know.

125cc trail bike riders. Why? You're not a trail rider or you would NOT be riding that thing on the road. It's a 125cc machine. It does not have the performance to make it worthwhile riding on the road, and it is twice as expensive as other, more sensible motorcycles. You're a chav, and you ride it to 'prove yourself' to other chavs.

People who try and convince others to take drugs just to be 'cool'. I just want to say 'You know what, fuck you! They exist for people to enjoy, not for some fucktard to try and force their own twisted social perceptions on the little kid with glasses'.

People who act like assholes towards their dogs. Your dog will love you no matter what, what kind of damaged piece of shit are you anyway?


Fat people. They make me fucking sick.