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Just thought I'd kindly ask if you could PLEASE return your weights! At the very least when you know someone is waiting to use the equipment! Just because you can swing or "move" more weight than most, don't make you billy badass, slamming the weights down and screaming then walking away trying to puff yourself out so you look bigger than you actually are. You can't even lift them correctly anyway, we've all seen your type before, over-inflated upper body (mainly chest and biceps) with feeble twigs you call legs you try and cover up with baggy gym pants!LOL! Your not fooling anyone we all can tell your forearms are bigger than your thighs! Not to mention the fact your NEVER seen on the squat rack ACTUALLY SQUATTING OR DEADLIFTING! But you do use the squat rack.... for bicep curls>LOL! Arching your back lifting your elbows while moving the weight up. And when your not curling, your benching. I don't think you actually know how friggin retarded you look! If your strong enough to load the weights on or carry a 100LB dumbbell across the floor, then drag your wannabee ass and put the weights back! Its called common courtesy! If only the weenie PT's were big enough or had the balls to say something. Thing is when someone that can LIFT more than you is waiting to use your weights or area and mean mugs your sorry ass as you walk away leaving the weights there, you turn around and put the weights back! Now thats funny! I know your probably not going to change, so I'd thought that if you actually heard(or read) someone say something you might think twice. But should you continue to pump up the only real thing your pumping, YOUR EGO, then hopefully this letter will give you a small clue on how stupid you look!

All NON-MEATHEADS Big and Small


Speaking on behalf of all other meatheads.......


Thank You


Stick to your pink hand weights


dwain, honestly i could give a shit on them.lol i was just bored that day and wanted to see if i could piss off any meatheads. looks like it worked!lol its all good!