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Public Figures Who Train


I notice that Chef Robert Irvine (former white house chef who now does "Dinner Impossible on the food channel) looks like he spends a fair amount of time lifting weights. Anyone want to point out others in public life who are famous for something other than bodybuilding, but who also clearly lift some real weights?


Carrot Top :wink:


Obama's on the cover of Men's Fitness this month ... :confused:


Please tell me that is a joke.


Isn't that like putting Rosanne Barr on the cover of Playboy?


Unfortuneatly not. It even includes his personal "diet" and "workout" strategies.


It's true. He's shirtless and all sweaty in dramatic light, holding 20 lb dumbbells, and with a smoldering cigarette dangling from his lips.




50 cent?


I thought he was on Men's Health and Money May was on fitness?


mark wahlberg works out pretty hard i know. not huge, but he's been cut a few times that i've noticed.


That reminds me... LL Cool J is in decent shape.


lol ... you mean it included one of his writers personal "diet" and "workout" strategies. That man has had an original "strategy" in his life I don't think :wink: (for the sake of saving this from turning into a PWI thread I was only kidding ... so don't get your panties in a bunch ... if you're butt hurt you can call me an idiot ... I'm fine with that)


Brad Pitt!!!!


Carrot Top is looking a little hammered lately. Looks like he geared up and got some decent size. If you do a google search of him and click images, there are some funny ones. Big arms and crazy looking delts, that's about it though.

Wahlberg looks to continually be in pretty good shape. Arms are pretty damn big! Most of those hollywood guys aren't anywhere near as big as they look on screen though. Will Smith is 6'2 and about 185 when he's in shape. It seems like most guys who carried any sort of size are going more towards that super lean look. Can't blame them though, that's what makes them money.
Jason Statham(Transporter) got into pretty damn good shape for his last movie. I read somewhere he was about 170lbs at 5'9.




Schwarzenegger is still looking pretty big for an old guy, imo


Doesn't Tom Cruise lift/exercise?

Between gay orgies that is...


lol i said mark wahlberg, are we just talking public figures like politicians, etc?

hahahah my bad, i am still on painkillers from surgery, so i am kinda a few steps slow.


I don't think he looks that bad....

My effort of a bad photoshop using paint lol


Marky Mark is a public figure... Hell yeah, huge man crush on Marky Mark