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Public Alpha Male Log

Sup forumites.

With the debut of the new supplements, I thought I would throw this thread up as an area for all of you who are takin Alpha Male to report your experiences with it. I’ll join in too, as I’ll be gettin mine soon.

Doesn’t have to be a real thorough log, detailing training or anything- just thought it would be good to get a summation of people’s thoughts on it.

How did it compare to Tribex or Red Kat?

Any mood enhancement?

Agression, oily skin?

Strength increases?

If cutting, muscle mass maintained well?

Feel free to blab whatever else you want.

Good call Damage, I’ve got some comin, so I’ll definitely add anything I notice!

I’m currently taking Tribex and M. I didn’t want to wait for Alpha Male to come out so I ordered Tribex a few weeks ago. I’m only 21, but knowing that long term illness, depression, stress and medication can all lower T levels, I decided that the past 3 years of having cancer more than makes me a candidate for some T boosting. How did it work? It may be too early to tell, (2 1/2 weeks in so far) but so far its not doing what I’d hoped. Since getting back in the gym after being released from the hospital a month earlier, my progress has slowed down. I started on the tribex to try to keep the ball rolling, but it continued to slow and eventually almost stopped. I adjusted my diet this week and added some more calories to try and fix the problem. As far as side effects…I broke out a little bit, nothing severe. No increase in sex drive yet. If things change I’ll get back with an update.


Man, that’s some rough stuff. Glad to hear you’ve been given the all-clear. I definately agree that you’re a prime candidate. I suggest you give it some more time, and if you feel inclined, why don’t you start your own thread, detailing your diet and training and we’ll tackle it and see if there’s anything lacking anywhere, and get you on the path to BEING HYOOOGE (if uh, that’s what you want)


Best of luck to you man, keep us informed.

I have been on Alpha Male for 4 days now and I have been a lot hornier than usual. Also I do seem to get very angry much quicker than usual(could just be my friends have been acting stupid lately) and for the past 2 days I feel like I can’t get enough food in me. This is bad because I’m cutting. I’m contemplating stopping the Alpha Male now and just keep up with the Red Bands and cutting for another 4 weeks or so and then hop back on the Alpha Male and bulk up. I will wait and see what others have experienced first. I think it is too soon to tell. Good idea, by the way, with this thread!

[quote]splkast wrote:
I have been on Alpha Male for 4 days now and I have been a lot hornier than usual. Also I do seem to get very angry much quicker than usual(could just be my friends have been acting stupid lately)[/quote]

Hahaha, I got a kick outta that…


and for the past 2 days I feel like I can’t get enough food in me. This is bad because I’m cutting. I’m contemplating stopping the Alpha Male now and just keep up with the Red Bands and cutting for another 4 weeks or so and then hop back on the Alpha Male and bulk up. [/quote]

This is exactly what I’m wanting to hear. Interresting stuff. Alpha will help you retain maybe gain some muscle while cuttin though so hopefully you can stay on it…wonder if its the Eurycoma or the increased bioavailability of both that’s doin this…

Thank ya sir, and good luck

I figured I would chime in here right quick.

I have been using Tribex as one of my many supps. in PCT after my cycle, with great results. (the boys are back in town)

Anyway, I got my Alpha Male the other day and just couldn’t hold out. So I used it instead for my PM dose. WOW, weird side effect. Not bad. Just weird.

About 15 minutes after taking 2 caps I could feel my heartbeat in my nether region. It was very interesting. Not an erection, but you could feel the blood pumping. :wink:

Other than that, I am 4 sure returning to normal status quickly. I have been able to increase strength and intensity a bit while going through PCT, so I say that aint bad.

We’ll see how it goes as time goes on. It sure has me a bit amped compared to a normally suppressed state during PCT.

Hope this helps,


NewD: I will have some input for your thread soon. I am currently on a 3/w cycle of Mag-10/M1T, I will deffinantly be able to tell you how this stuff fairs as far as recovery goes.

Awesome feedback Phill, very interresting!!

Just got mine. Took 3 caps. Will keep you all updated.

Definitely keep this thread going, I am contemplating the use of Alpha Male so keep the reports coming.

I would like to see how you guys did on a whole cycle,especially for those in a bulking phase, but I dont think I can hold out that long, I am anxious to give it a try.

Today was my first day on Alpha Male. I did not feel any of the effects of the previous posters but I did feel like I was wired in the morning and afternoon after taking them. I am also taking them with full dosage of Red Bands so I do not know if this effect came from them.

Just wanted to update again what’s up with me & Alpha Male. This is day, I think, 8 for me. As I stated earlier on this thread I am still very horny,this is a very noticable increase. I also stated that I was getting angrier quicker,I think this was just the actions of friends because I have not had any further problems with this. Yesterday and especially today I did notice some increase in strength. I am doing CT’s Mutation Series and I was able to pump out more reps on the extended 5’s, this I am very excited about and hope it continues. As this was the first time I feel Alpha Male is doing what I bought it for. Also, my skin is slighty oilier than usually(only bad side effect for me).

I have been taking 6 caps of Tribex and 3 caps of M 5 days on/two off for about two months. Monday I received my Alpha Male and Tuesday I substituted it in place of the Tribex at the same dosage. After four days I really haven’t noticed much difference. Although I did get a zit on my knee cap of all places.lol

When I started the Tribex I noticed just about all the side affects of increased T. Some increased acne, aggresion, etc. Haven’t really noticed much of an increase in sex drive with either but then I really didn’t need that anyway. :wink:

I’ll be starting alpha male tommorrow. Should be able to report any results in a few days.

Started Alpha Male today.

Nothing interesting to report other than feeling a little heat.

I just thought I would jump in here and bump the thread.

Doing 4 days on/1 day off, 3 days on/1 day off protocol.

Yesterday was an off day.

Back on today, few things I’ve noticed:

Someone said they felt “on top of their manhood”- thats a good way to describe it.

Seem to be a little short with people too (when it comes to bullshit, anyways)

Waking up in the middle of the night horny as hell. We’re talking deranged horny.

Just feel great.

I’m dieting right now and this is the main reason I’m using this product so I’ll give more details as far as strength retention and energy levels as time passes.

Also taking M, ZMA, Red Bands.

Tribex definately helped with strength while dieting, in the past, just an fyi.

Wanted to chime back in on this.

I am seeing some remarkable results in my eyes.

I am still taking my Anti E’s during PCT for one more week just to make sure I am back up and running properly. Along with this I am taking three caps of ALPHA MALE 5 on 2 off, as well as Red Bands, 3 caps twice a day (to ward off any unwanted fat gain during this bulk). I am keeping the k/cals up. Etc.

Anyway, while taking these new supps. I have seemingly recovered from this cycle with incredible speed and have not only held onto the strength gains but made consistant increases.

This week I decided to go ahead and increase my volume up to a more regular level, as I feel my T production is pretty much fully recovered. Well it has been great so far. I am getting pumps that I can only compare to being on the PH again. Also while still keeping the intake at the same level, I am now seeming to lean out. I have dropped another five LBS in the past week, some of which should be left over water from the cycle, but am noticeably leaner, more vascular and stronger. Now if that isn’t a awesome combination I dont know what is.

I am excited to see what the next few months on this stuff will bring. I am going to contiune this bulk, with the ALPHA MALE and Red Bands, throughout the rest of the summer and on till next freaking fall. Upping the cals as needed and possibly throw in a cycle or two.

I just want to say I am throughly impressed with the New Super Charged Supps. all the way around.


First week on Alpha.
(4 on 1 off, 3 on 1 off)

Still too early to see anything substantial but did notice a few small things.

Felt heat in my face and forehead, kinda like a sunburn, go figure.

Muscles feeling a little “fuller”

No aggression yet, maybe a little short sometimes though.

Appetite increase.

Just got my Alpha Male, just waiting for an empty stomach.

How does coffee affect Alpha Male?

For instance since I drink black coffee, would it be allright for me to start the day with Alpha Male and a cup of black coffee or would it interfere?

I was hoping that w/o sugar and milk the effect would be nil.

Thanks for feedback

TO be honest…I’m tossed up on whether to try it or not…God help the world If I get any more Testosterone…I mean, shit man. I took RED-KAT for a whole 2 months and all I wanted was to have caveman/barbarian sex with females…what in the world will this mega-mix do to me…

Hmmmm…kinda intriguing though…:wink:

Good training to all