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Puberty Gyno + Low T

I am 25 and I’ve had gyno for over 5 years. I’ve never used any hormones or steroids nor have I been treated with any medicines that could interfere with hormones whatsoever. Lately I went on blood tests and got these results:

S-PTH 22 ng/L
s-testosterone 10,8 nmol/L (about 317 ng/dL)
s-lh 1,5 UI/L
s-fsh 2,2 IU/L
s-tsh 2,77 mU/L
s-ft3 5,2 pmol/L
s-ft4 13,6 pmol/L
prolactin (POOL and PEG) around 8,5 ug/L

Since the lower range of testosterone is 10 in the upper is 35, I believe that mine is pretty low.
I’d like to get rid of gyno and increase testosterone to a least a normal level for my age. I’ve been reading about possible solutions for a while and my idea is to try a stack with Clomid and Nolvadex. Would you recommend me something else?

Your opinions are highly appreciated since I have no experience here. Thank you.

With you having gyno we can “assume” estrodiol is high. You may consider clomid or nolvadex and land on an aromatase inhibitor.

Read the advice for new guys sticky and post more labs with ranges and units.

Also tsh is showing a possible thyroid problem. Tsh over 2 is a problem.

Read the thyroid basics sticky… Stay away from iodine until you test thyroid antibodies


What symptoms are u experiencing? List all even the ones u feel are insignificant.

serum parathyroid hormone

need lab ranges!

I was already at endocrinologist, he was actually the one who put me on these tests, but I wasn’t treated at all. He said that testosterone levels are normal for my age and that I won’t get aromatase inhibitors because they might cause cancer on prostate in long term. Unfortunately I’m on my own now, his decision is final.

Please see reference ranges here: wikipedia.org/wiki/Reference_ranges_for_blood_tests
I also have some other blood and urine results (not hormones though), if you are interested in any, I can write their values down for you, but reference values unfortunately aren’t provided as well so they need to be checked on wikipedia (can do that as well…). Anyway, they were in normal ranges. The only thing that I might forgot is IGF-1 test - I have 292 ug/l.

My gyno is actually not that big, it’s a bit bigger on right side, but nothing major. Visually only nipples are bounced out, while ultrasound showed up that I have 3x1 cm gyno on right side and none on the left. But it IS really annoying and can be clearly seen even under T-shirts.

Can you not try and see a more open minded doctor.? Sometimes endo’s can be real idiots. Where are you from? Have you read the finding a trt doc sticky? Also you can order your own labs from lef.org.

It’s your health and you need to educate yourself so people can’t push you around. Know what you are talking about when you walk in and don’t let up.

Tell them your a person not a lab range…

Seeking another endo is mission impossible unless I pay for it on my own and that would be really expensive, way too much for my bucket at the moment. That’s how it works in my country, they are almost like Gods :\

What country?


Ouch. Well I don’t know much about your country or your options. Maybe start a thread looking for fellow Slovenians help. Can you get your own labs done there? Do you have a family doctor?

Ouch. Well I don’t know much about your country or your options. Maybe start a thread looking for fellow Slovenians help. Can you get your own labs done there? Do you have a family doctor?

Sorry your having a hard time, I hope someone can help you find the answers you need.

Thanks again, I might try on our local forums.
Since I’ve never bought anything alike Clomid and Nolvadex, do you have any ideas where I could get them (on PM)? We don’t have any decent resellers here…

I have heard of some but don’t want to list them and get in trouble. Safe meds for all… Research and see I don’t know what’s good in your area or who ships there

But there are hundreds of sites on Google, I really don’t need “private dealer”. Unfortunately I’m not sure which one is legit. I heard medicstar.com is ok?

Safemedsforall is the one people here seem to use

They don’t send to Slovenia because of our customs. It looks like I would need EU store, do you know any?