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PT Tuesday Night


I would like to make a difference.

How can I be of service?


What are your thoughts on doing Cleans with DB's and Snatches with 1 arm/DB? It feels more athletic to me and seems to help my boxing.

Thanks Dan!


Hello Dan,

I heard you are blending OLAD and Crossfit for your athletes.

Could you give me an example of how your week is layed out?


Considering I have no sport and am interested in getting strong and agenerally fit I was thinking of doing OLAD and a crossfit workout after the one lift. Does that sound fair to you?


Since we both throw, I'm wondering if there are any exercises that addresses all the pressure we put on our turning leg? For me, being left-handed, that would be my left leg.

Seems all that twisting and turning beats the heck out of one side.

Oh Lord, I just had a flash, you're going to tell me to throw with the other hand and make my right side just as miserable.


DJ, two questions:

In your original OLAD article here on T-Nation, you didn't list as an example the Olympic lifts. I assume this was because you prescribed 7 sets of 5 the first week, etc. (too many reps for snatches or C&J, I imagine).

I was wondering if you have ever designed sets/reps schemes for OLAD for people who want to do Olympic Lifts.

Also, in your Pacifica Barbell Materials, you stated that your old coach, Mr. Notmeyer, didn't like lifters to go into the power position, but that he prefered the full position (because the power position would fail the athlete later on, I think you said). How come you constantly advocate the power versions over the full versions?


Are you going to the Masters Wold Champs at the NH Scottish Festival?



I have started training with Merl Lawless here in Springfield and have a session with Chad Braden set up for Saturday. I have thrown the 42# for height and distance and last night threw the heavy hammer for the first time. It's looking to be awesome. What sort of weight program would you set up for a newbie to HG. Granted, I was on the OLAD, but I wasn't throwing at the time. I figure I can get 2-3 nights a week at the implements.

Thanks in advance.


What life stuff would you have started earlier had you only known ... "if I knew then what I know now"?


ps: need anything from California?


Yeah, you know, I have done them quite a bit. On my website, I have an article about it...hey, it's free...and I think they have great value.


Just this simple, seriously:

A crossfit variation (scale it back)
One (or two...let's be real with High School kids) Lift. 8 sets of 5.

Oh...it works good. Alternate the lifts a bit more...snatch/clean or back squat/front squat...try it.


That is good old sled work...or hills. Sorry, that's about it. That off stuff works, but not nearly as well as general training.


I read in an old Soviet sports review that there was a routine recomended for advanced weightlifters that had a change in every set for example changing reps,tempo,stance or grip or amount of resistance with every set. What do ya think?
Brandon Green


Not true! Go to my site and look around for the materials. I also posted a ton about guys who used OLAD back in the day. 7 sets of 5 is awesome for the Power Snatch...

If you worked with me and said "Hey, I want to be great at (fill in the blank)" I would work your butt off mastering the keys to the goal.

PBBC: snatch and c and j. That was the goal, I did it.

I work with throwers and team sport athletes...they don't necessarily need to do the full lifts...


Nope. But, I would love to...


Would you take someone that is 30% bodyfat and put them on any of the anaerobic programs out there for fat loss? (Such as GBC or Meltdown etc.)
Brandon Green


No program...but some ideas...

Clean Grip Snatch
Lots of damn throwing
Front Squats
Isometric Ab work
Sled dragging
More throwing...


This is a good question...let me think about it for more than ten seconds...


Would it not be great to have Andrew Charniga contribute to this site?
Brandon Green


Is there an advantage, if any, using the spin vs. the glide? The spin seems to be so much more common. I also read in "Get Up" where Gary bought an 18# shot. I also remember you saying you are an advocate and/or proponent (correct me if I'm wrong) of using the heavier shot. Is it better to use the 18#?


That's Westside. Check the archives here for an American adaption. It works great for strongman, powerlifting, football and all throws.

But, it doesn't for O lifting.