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PT Revamp (USAF)

Hey guys, couple questions today.

For our officer training course, we have a PT officer who plans and organizes our morning PT sessions. He constantly focuses on running (w/ 1 minute of pushups and situps per session). I would like to take the initiative to revamp the program into something more effective, no offence to him.

The goals of the PT sessions are to promote overall fitness. The problem now is that it’s run like a high school class before state exams. The PT sessions are all geared towards the PFT (Physical Fitness Test) which consists of Pushups, Situps, and a 1.5 mile run.

I would like to revamp the program to actually promote overall fitness, with more resistance training and more intense and short exercises.

The catch is that PT is held on a football field/track and there are no weights to be found. The items that Cadets have available are large water buffalos (coolers with the spout), medium jugs filled with water (~3gal) with a handle, a foam mat, and each other.

I was wondering if you had any suggestions for exercises to promote a higher level of strength and fitness in our detachment. My Ideas:

–sprints holding the water
–have a person on another’s back to do squats.
–rope the jugs and pull them over the astroturf for rows

Any help would be great, thanks!

you mean the air force does pt.

… yea

[quote]brunottfn wrote:
you mean the air force does pt.[/quote]

im enlisted army but ill give you my opinion.
water jug relays are kinda dumb—its seems they are more effective in injury than getting anything out of it.

if youre gonna have any exercise with the jugs have them do slow(er…not horribly slow) controlled movements compared to a relay/sprint.
besides that yes, your ideas seem really good. use their own bodyweight on angles too to get more effective exercises.
buddy squats would work great.

work on sprints too though. im sure you know what 30/60s are? but the leadership really needs to watch the people and yell at them(if air force can do that lol) to keep them motivated if they are slacking.

but dont go too crazy with exercising differently that whats on your pft. change it up. one day do pft oriented pt…the next do what you have in mind.