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PT Getting Fat on Purpose


And I quote: This is my story of how I plan on going from being obsessed with being fit, to fat in 6 months and how I plan on showing everyone how to get back to fit again in 6 more months



Does anyone else see the problem with the logic here?

People get fat because of environment/bad situations/bad genetics/bad tendencies/lack of discipline/whathaveyou.

Other people are fit for another set of reasons.

It doesn't put him in the same shoes as someone who has always been fat. Someone who has been fit before will have a hell of an easier time getting back there.


^agree about the logic, but i'll still be following this with interest. i'd like to know how much muscle and strength was lost and just how easy or hard the journey back is going to be. personally i'd hate to do this to myself so props for trying something i guess!

the before/after photo looks like a reverse of those "i got ripped in 6 weeks" adverts. haha!


Ehhhhhh not sure what to make of this.


I'm gonna be following this with interest. it will be quite interesting to see how it pans out, hope he don't pick up any bad habbits whlist getting fat


I wouldn't do it if I was in his position, but I give him props for doing it.

You can say its gonna be a hell of a lot easier for him to get back to his fit body, but I doubt it will be THAT easy. I would bet would develop some bad habits from eating junk all day everyday, and other fat related behaviour.

But it is interesting to see how this all thing plays out.


i agree, it will be easier for him, but i think it will be alot harder than maybe he thinks it will be.


All the points above make sense. Yet it's got to be more psychological than anything. Kind of like when you get injured and you CAN'T workout. I'd definitely hate doing something like this to myself. Funny thing is, my cousin suggested I do something like this in order to shed light on the important of fitness/nutrition lifestyle. Glad I said no, I would of been pissed to find out that this guy was already 5 months ahead of me lol.


I understand the Idea that if your body has been thin then it will have an easier time getting back to the original weight, but this a bold move. In my experience, I dropped from 280 to 180 and have since crawled back to 215 and maintained there. I have at times tried to push back down to 200 and it certainly wasn't easy. I think if this guy pulls it off he definitely deserves credit. haha but just thinking about how crazy this is makes me laugh


i definitely agree with this logic. it's easier to burn fat when it hasn't been on your body for years. i feel like mostly it's just a marketing gimmick. albeit a pretty intense way to get a marketing gimmick. but it will show people that it's not impossible to get in shape and that it really can mostly be mental game with staying motivated and having self control.