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PT Crew: HRT & Elbow Pain

not sure if any of this is related and would be appreciative of any advice. i am 36 years old, taking 200mg test enanthate per week (for about 10 months). my t levels were around 150 10 months ago. they are 600-700 now.

i have severe elbow tendinitis and did have severe knee tendinitis. it stopped only because i stopped most activity because of the pain. i am trying to lift through the elbow pain. i have changed my workouts and have had to give up outside sports for the time being.

i feel like i need to try something different. should i change the testosterone i am taking? is there a steroidal cream i can try on the elbows/knees? none of the doctors i go to have any idea what to do. they are even uncomfortable with me taking 200mg/week.

sex is out of the question at this point, although when i first started the testosterone injections, my sex drive was through the roof. i have read on the forums that most guys see their drive maintain a high level while on the injections.

thanks for any suggestions

Let me rephrase…

I am 36 yrs old and on Testosterone therapy for low T (100-150). I take 200mg/week of Test Enanthate using injection and have been doing so for about 10 months. My T levels are up to 600-700 depending on when the blood is drawn.

I have two problems.

1-I have severe tendonitis in both my knees and both elbows that is not getting better. I have laid off working out, seen an ART practitioner for several months, seen an MD, taken anti-inflammatories (only for a short time). None of these has helped. ART told me that I had problems everywhere in regard to swelling. I am taking fish oil, glucosamine, celadrin…the inflammation has not gone away or even subsided.

2-The testosterone seems to have lost its power. When I first started taking it, my workouts were great, I was gaining strength like I never had before, and I was as horny as when I was a teenager. Now, I feel as if I have hit a wall in all respects, even sexually, which surprised me after reading of so many success stories. I had read that the T replacement would help with number one above as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I change the type of testosterone I am taking? Should I go in a different direction all together and take something else? What about all of the inflammation? Could it be caused by the androgens? Any help would be greatly appreciated. As I said in my first post, the MDs are out of ideas.

For your sore joints maybe try ‘static’ holds. Check out an article at dragondoor.com under bodywt. conditioning. This article talks about gymnast workouts and I tell you what these exercises are tough! But I have found that my joints feel great from doing them. I’ve had more than a few surgeries on my knees and elbow and I’ve also found that one of those black bands you put around the lower part of your knee works very well for knee tendonitis/pain. When I feel my knee flaring up I wear this for a week or so and it clears right up. Read up on the training also by Jay Schroeder who trained Adam Archuleta. There is a thread here somewhere. Just the two exercises mentioned are a good place to start because, again, they are static hold exercises. As for the test, no idea.


Just for kicks, have your doctor check your growth hormone levels. I, too, am on 200mg/wk of TE and felt the same way after 1 year. At the beginning of my HRT my gh was normal. A year later it was almost nonexistant. The Dr. put me on 1.5 iu’s of gh everyday. I have been much better and the TE seems to work better. I feel like I am 25 again. My age…just turned 38.

Good Luck

are you sure the test is the same quality as before? The black market stuff…