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I am thinking about a change of careers. I am really considering opening up a gym and doing some personal training. I really like the idea of poliquins course offerings. Has anyone done his PCIP? how is it? Would i be better off doing like ISSA first or should i just do PCIP level 1.


This is just my .02 but if you are dead serious on a gym with your own personal training I would think you should just get a cert that covers your ass and know your stuff. Those certs are expensive. You might want to get involved in the field for a bit of time to see if you’d actually like it as opposed to being anchored down and realizing it blows. Best of luck to you though.

EDIT: when i say know your stuff, I by no way mean ‘follow the fitness industry guidelines’.

I’m thinking of getting some cheap certs myself just to get my feet wet. Then maybe get some apprenticeship opportunities from real good coaches out there.

I know most people would agree when I say, the letters don’t mean shit (ACE, NASM, NSCA etc…) because a lot of shitty trainers in commercial gyms look like a bunch of idiots. BUT, some trainers are absolutely amazing getting results and know their shit, so every chance I get, I talk to them and pick their brains.

I also did some volunteer stuff at some gyms, and I saw the atrocity first hand. Out of 10 PTs, I’d say 2 of them are worth talking to.

as a trainer and knowing someone who just opened up his own place. I would suggest either mentoring with Cosgrove or Todd Durkin for the business side of it.

one thing you will learn with PT, especially opening your own place is that you need to be a much better business person than knowing how to train people. And don’t misunderstand me there. To be a great trainer you have to know the workings of the body and how to work with people, but if you want to change careers and/or open your own place you better have mastered the business side of this field, especially if you have more mouths than your own to feed.

I might suggest being a trainer for a little while before opening your own place, but that’s just me.

anyone take a PCIP course or biosig?

[quote]bwbski wrote:
anyone take a PCIP course or biosig?

I know a few biosig guys. I’ll ask for some insight for you.

What populations are you looking to work with?

What are your goals in the industry?

In most cases, these higher level certs are not going to make you more money
than you would make NOT having them.

Thinking about opening a gym in a small vacation town.

Thanks John that would be great. It is a ski resort town.