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PT Course in the UK?


Looking to become a personal trainer as it is what I am what I am passionate about. In the UK we are limited to organizations like YMCA, Fitness First, Lifetime and the Training Room. I would probably have to distance learn as I still have a full time job. Does anyone have any experience r thoughts on the best course of action?


I did mine through Drummond Education who use central YMCA material. They're great imo, all courses are at weekends if you work weekdays, instructors are great, and if you need to re do any part of the course you get to re sit for free until you pass.


Do you kno wmuch about lifetime fitness? Is YMCA the best way to go? and can they really guarentee you an interview?


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Heard mixed reviews about fitness first, never used any of their stuff though. YMCA is pretty widely accepted through europe. IDK how widley accepted the other ones are. I have my own company so i cant say it garunteed me and interview, however all the people on my course were already in the fitness industry or are now working in it. Seems the best bet is to go for independant companies rather than council run centers (if there are those in England).


ive just finished my level 3 with lifetime, good company and you can basically get it done soon as.

I only passed my level 2 in january then finished the level 3 quick. I would go with lifetime the support is good aswell. The only bad thing is when looking for a job as most gyms are freelance now so you pay them for working there and have to get the clients which is pretty hard to start with


I agree with the knowledge stuff, i mean i coasted through level 3 very easily purley from what i've learned from this site, funny story during my postural analysis part of my course actually used the corrective exersises from your lordosis/pelvic tilt post BBB ( as i had used them to sort out my own tilt issues)


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haha sadly i have no idea what your real name is, and whenever me and my business partner refer to sources from T nation it confuses the fuck out of people.