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PT Certification

To those who are certified or know others who are, I’m a student now and I need a job, and I figure why not just be a trainer so I get the experience and it looks good on my resume down the road (I’m working toward a movement sci. degree). Does anyone know what gyms actually want or what certification gets hired the most. I’ve searched and asked around and I really see no clear cut answer.

NASM first ACE second. Anybody can get certified all it takes is money. Those are the two gyms will look for.

Its so ridiculously easy and thats why the field is a disaster. 99.9% of personal trainer dont know what the hell they are doing. They are all cookie cutter trainers.

Here is a quick summary of the main certifications out there, for what it is worth

NSCA - well recognized, more performance based.

ACSM - used to be super popular but not as much any more, more health related

ACE - Very popular, accepted by most gyms, been around a long time

NASM - Up and coming, focuses more on functional movement and stability training

NPTI - An actual school instead of self study, 500 hours long, much more expensive. Also covers nutrition.

If you have a specific gym you want to train at you could always call them up and see what they recommend, different places like different certs.