PT-141 Peptide. Does It Go Bad?

Long story short, I’ve had almost no sex drive for forever, and as a 26yo dude, that’s kindaaa wack. No major problems with ED, just rarely feeling in the mood and almost never horny to the point I need to do something about it.

I tried PT-141 just for the heck of it because it claims to affect the “mental” aspects of arousal, but I got nothing from it. Easier erections maybe, but no spike in my libido.

Idk if this stuff goes bad - I waited like a month after mixing it to actually use it the first time and maybe that was too long. Still, it should take at least 2 months to get through the bottle if you use it 2x a week so I’m not sure what’s up. Anyone have any experience with this stuff going bad?

it needs to be kept in the fridge after mixing with bac water

Im using it currently, results are very dose dependent, it does absolutely nothing for me at less than 1.5mg per shot and then things start to happen.

How much are you using?

Honestly not familiar with PT141, usually horny as hell naturally. Have you tried 0.5mg of cabergoline? Man, if I take that I feel like a porn star, lol.