PT 141 (Bremelanotide)

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I purchased PT 141 (Bremelanotide) to try and boost my libido, I have several questions

(Edit reason : I found insulin syringe).

Post what the bottle says on it (size, strength, etc) & the instructions.

I found insulin syringes eventually, took me some time.
There are no instructions inside, I only have their general description (how to inject, how to store etc, and for the dosage it says ‘consult your physician’.

  1. If I understood correctly from some guides on the internet (there aren’t many) I should pour 1ml (100) units of this insulin syringe into the vial, and 2mg represents 20 units on this syringe then?

  2. Can I preload syringes and deplete entire vial at once and freeze the syringes? Because I couldn’t find bacteriostatic water, only NaCl, and I read that I shouldn’t keep them in the refrigerator more than couple of days.
    If yes, I should remove the syringe from the freezer and leave it in the refrigerator night before use?

I use Pt-141 recreationally on days when I know I’m going to have sex. I also use 5mg generic Cialis for BPH reasons, but also have a recreational benefit from it. I’m telling you this because it influences what I consider low, medium, and high doses. The two drugs work synergistically. Cialis works at the level of the penis to enhance the vasoconstriction/dilation response to signals coming from the brain. PT-141 works at the level of the brain to enhance the signals being sent to the penis in response to a stimulus.

I rarely go beyond a dose of 0.33mg, mostly because of an annoying side-effect. PT-141 effects me for about 48 hours and makes nocturnal erections during REM sleep extremely hard. To the point of waking me up and then the pressure of the erection causes an urge to urinate but with a very slow to subside erection, aiming during urination is, well let’s just say problematic. Enough said. Regarding typical side-effects that users report are nausea and headaches, which for me at my low dose are minimal and usually subside within an hour.

Something to keep in mind is that it takes several hours for the drug to work, so you need to plan in advance of a sexual encounter. My experience is that I begin to feel it after about 4 hours and it peaks at around 6-8 hours post injection.

Now to your question of mixing. The drug typically comes in 10mg amounts in a 3mL vial. I inject 3mL if bacteriostatic saline into the vial and it dissolves very quickly. I usually do this in 3 injections of 1mL and after each injection pulling out 1mL of air so that pressure does not build up inside the vial and blow your mixed solution out the pin holes in the rubber stopper.

For use, I pull up 0.1mL (for a 0.33mg dose) into a 30G/0.5mL syringe and inject subcutaneously into belly fat. You can also go down to a 31G syringe with no problem.

Mix 10 mg vial with 3.0 mL Saline = 3.333 mg/mL = 3,333 mcg/mL
When combined with low dose (5mg) daily Cialis, these are what I consider strengths of various doses.

  • 0.05 mL = 0.167mg (167 mcg) = very low dose
  • 0.1 mL = 0.33mg (333 mcg) = low dose
  • 0.15 mL = 0.5 mg (500 mcg) = low-mod dose
  • 0.2 mL = 0.7 mg (667 mcg) = moderate dose
  • 0.25 mL = 0.8 mg (833 mcg) = mod-strong dose
  • 0.3 mL = 1.0 mg (1,000 mcg) = strong dose

You can mix it however you want, the key is understanding the concentration you then have…

Personally I’d do 2ml with the 2mg of pt141 to make the math easy. That way it’s 1mg per 1ml.

Want 0.5mg? Take 0.5ml (50 “units” on an insulin syringe)

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Very detailed, thank you very much for this!
I didn’t know it takes so much time to work. I don’t intend having sex today but I will inject 1 shot around 5 pm today to see when does it peak, do I have any sides and how I respond.
Interesting to read about this synergetic effect with PDE, it does sound logical. I have some viagra on hand, plan is to inject this 5-6 hours before sex, and take sildenafil hour or two before.

I will probably go with the higher dosage you recommended.
So on the syringe I uploaded, 0.3 ml would represent 30 units and it’s a 1.0mg dosage if I understood correctly?

Anyway,I found something in the pharmacy, I think it is bacteriostatic water but I’m not sure.
I have asked the pharmacist but she only nods, I doubt she’s got any idea what is it. When you translate it, it means ‘Water for injections’ , is this the bacteriostatic water I was looking for?

And as for the storage a concrete question, can I preload all syringes (10 of them for example) and freeze them? I’m afraid it will degrade with time as I will probably use NaCl water as I doubt this is the bacteriostatic water on the above picture.

Given the labeling of the ampule is not in English and you got it at a pharmacy, I’m assuming you are not in the USA. Is that correct?

Yes, that looks like it is sterile saline for injection and it is probably not bacteriostatic saline (also called preserved saline). I can’t tell from the ampule how many mL are in the ampule but they usually come in 1mL quantities. Typically, I buy preserved saline in a multi-use vial an simply pull up what I need with an injection syringe. What you have will be a little more challenging.

From your first photos that you posted, I see that the PT-141 comes in a 10mg multi-use injection vial. That is how mine comes too. If the injection saline ampule is 1mL as I suspect, you will need 3 of them to make the dilution that I posted (3.33mg/mL). If you use 2 ampules as ncsugrad2002 suggested, it will result in a 5mg/mL solution. I used to use that dilution but it makes measurement difficult for me because I use such small amounts. Given that you are planning on using a lot more than I use, you might consider his advice. Here are the calculations for that method (fortunately I have them saved on my computer). The low, medium, and high doses are slightly higher than what I currently use.

Mix 10 mg vial with 2.0 mL Saline = 5 mg/mL
When combined with low dose daily Cialis

  • 0.05 mL = 0.25mg (250 mcg) = low dose
  • 0.1 mL = 0.5mg (500 mcg) = low-mod dose
  • 0.15 mL = 0.75 mg (750 mcg) = moderate dose
  • 0.2 mL = 1.0 mg (1,000 mcg) = mod-strong dose
  • 0.25 mL = 1.3 mg (1,300 mcg) = strong dose
  • 0.3 mL = 1.5 mg (1,500 mcg) = extra strong

As for storage, I have no experience with freezing the solution in pre-loaded syringes, so I have no idea if the peptide is stable in a frozen state. You’re on your own if you want to go down this road. My guess is yes, this should be OK, but it’s only a guess. Make sure that you pull the syringe plunger back about 0.1 mL before freezing to give the solution room to expand when frozen. Otherwise, the solution may drip out of the needle as it freezes.

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Using Viagra (sildenafil) is probably a better choice than Cialis (tatalifil) because it is shorter acting and you may not have the nocternal erection problem that i have. Unfortunately, I had a very bad reaction to sildenafil once and I will not use it again.

I suggest you experiment with doses before freezing them all up at 1.0mg doses. That’s a lot in my experience to start with. Personally, I’d start at the other end and work my way up until I knew what dose works best for me. Then I’d freeze up the remaining solution. Even if you injection saline is not preserved, it should be good for several weeks if you use good sanitary procedures and keep the solution well refrigerated.

Oh, another suggestion. You mentioned pouring the saline into the vial. I have no idea how you could do that given that the PT-141 comes in a multi-use vial with a rubber stopper. Pull out the rubber stopper??? Probably not a good idea. Instead, you need a syringe with a needle at least 1 inch long to reach the bottom of the saline ampule. angle the ampule slightly (about 45 degrees) and then suck up the saline with the syringe/long needle. Then inject that saline into the 3 ML multi-use PT-141 vial. Then you can draw up what you need when you need it from the PT-141 vial.


Mate, I can’t thank you enough for all your help!!
I’m not from the USA, I’m from Europe, couldn’t find bacteriostatic water anywhere so used NaCl.
I did as you guys suggested, 2ml into the vial, pulled different doses with different syringes - I will put some in the freeze, and some in the refrigerator. Pulled the plunger back as you suggested, that was a great tip!
Oh, and peptide didn’t dissolve instantly, it took some time - Water was flooding above it for a few seconds before it dissolved, is it normal?
Anyway, I used maximum dosage now at 18 pm (2mg) to see does it work and waiting for results.
So far, the only side effect is face flushing, I’m all red : )

Mine usually dissolves quickly, but it could be just a difference in the procedures they use to lyophilize (dry) the original PT-141 solution into a powder. It could simply be that yours is more compacted. I wouldn’t worry about that. I’ve noticed the same thing with various peptides that I’ve used in my GH augmentation protocol. Ipamorelin dissolves quickly whereas CJC-1295 dissolves slowly and with a lot of frothing.

That’s a very stout dose in my experience. I’ve never approached that level of dosing. I believe the highest I’ve ever tried was 1.0mg. Hope your Willie doesn’t explode!

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Starting to worry it might be fake gear, although some friends bought some gear from the same source and it was alright.
4 hours passed and after initial face flush, I felt nothing significant. yet : )

Sorry to hear that. I get great results from it but the stuff I buy is produced domestically in the USA. It’s easy to purchase as a research chemical because it’s not regulated as a drug. If you try again with a different vendor, you might want to start out with a smaller dose. I can’t imagine what 2mg would do for me. Not sure I want to try to image it either!

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Haha, happy to hear it works so good for you!
I felt some increased sensation and stronger boners around 1-2am (approximately 7 hours after injection), and urge to have sex, but effect lasted quite short (around 1 hour).
Guess it is underdosed or I don’t respond well on this drug

I’ve been really interested in this, but I do have one big hesitation.

If anyone remembers GHB and its effects on libido (also applies to phenibut), they tend to flip the other way around when someone stops using it. I’ve personally experienced this…my “once in a while” phenibut use a few years ago shorted me of my libido for about 2 weeks.

There’s no free lunch, and I’m a little hesitant.

I’ve used PT-141 as a recreational drug for several years and, as discussed earlier in the thread, at very low dosages and in combination with 5mg daily tadalifil. With that caveat being said, I have never experienced a rebound effect from occasional use. By occasional use, I mean no more than once per week, usually more like 2 times per month.

I can relate an experience I had early on that supports advice you read in various internet sources that you should not use it every day. I tried an experiment early on in my PT-141 experience where I mixed small amounts into my daily use peptide mixture (GH augmentation). I was thinking that with small amounts of daily PT-141, I could minimize the nausea side-effect and have rock-hard erections all the time. I forget the exact amount but I think it was around 50mcg (0.05mg) per day.

It did work for about 2 weeks, but the effect began to taper off after about 2 weeks. Another problem was that I still had the excessively hard nocturnal erections that were annoying but not dangerous. I discontinued the experiment and went back to occasional use as needed (desired might be a better word than needed).

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Have you had any problems with desensitization, where PT-141 stopped working after a period of use?

Did nothing for my libido, but did get my dick standing hard no matter what I was doing.

How long have you been using PT-141? What dosage and how often?

0-4 hours: nada
4-10 hours: teenage boner behavior
10-24 hours: taper down
24-48 hours: pseudo-depressed hangover

Similar to @kazuya_mishima1 but for me, the erections it causes bring with them a felt urge to do something about them. Cialis et al do not and work oppositely: erection arrives due to urge to do something.

The dose I used was quite large at 3mg, and I used it without Cialis. I respond well to Cialis and imagine used together the 24hr taper period would be much more responsive and I could use a smaller dose. The next time I have a “vacation day” and I try it, it will go:

00:00 10mg Cialis 1mg PT141
04:00 1mg PT141
04:01 handcuff self to girlfriend

I don’t use it regularly I just tried it like 5-6 months ago more or less. Can’t remember dose exactly, what ever the recommended maximum dose I took close to it.

I also remember side effects being a problem.

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