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Currently on an extremely low-carb diet, I’ve go some psyllium husk capsules for fibre - however I’ve read on some other sites that they should not be taken with food and/or other supplements as they will impair the absorption of other nutrients. is this true?

I don’t think it will. It will slow the absorbtion of food, but I don’t think it interferes with supplements.

Pablo, I take psyllium once or twice each day, mixing powder with water, after meals. It can’t make a difference, and mixing with food certainly doesn’t hurt it’s effectiveness. Think about it, fiberous vegetables and fruit is food + fiber, so eat your fiber whenever you can. I take it with a meal so I don’t forget, as I keep it in the same cupboard that my small tackle box full of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, etc., is in.

Thanks for the info.